Hands up - who remembers the Bay City Rollers?

Come hell or highwater (more likely given the weather the last few months) I'm going to see Les McKeown's Legendary Bay City Rollers at Solihull Arts Complex on Wednesday, really looking forward to it, need to sort out my tartan gear (no not the short trousers lol) and get ready to Shang-a-lang with Les and the rest of the guys on Wednesday.

I'm about to be Rollerised lol

Julie xx

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  • Me, me, me, me! I used to watch 'Shangalang' after school and swoon at Les McKeown! When I've seen footage of how he used to look I cringe now lol! His accent used to send me wild lol! I asked my mum if she'd sew some tartan into the bottom of my flared jeans, needless to say she wouldn't! I compromised with a tartan scarf which I wore to school and was then reprimanded about and told to remove it!

    Is the band still with the same boys in it - Les, Eric, Woody, Alan and Derek?! Oh no, just looked it up, it's only Les who is left of the originals - will they still sound the same?!

    Those were the days! I also loved Eric, he looked so cheeky with his fluffy hair!

    I am sooooooooooooooooo jealous Julie, wish I could come with you! :( Have a wonderful time! :) xxx

  • Ohhhhhhh yes. I remember the tartan short legged trousers and scarves. :-D Shangalang indeed!!!!! ;-)

  • me to i remember them and saw them on shangalang at granada studios they were great i still have the LPS haha.

  • Just Les from the original line up - although Alan Longmuir (my favourite) has been known to join them from time to time - mainly in gigs in Stirling/Edinburgh area.

    The line up has changed a few times recently - but the bass player Si Mulvey has been a constant. He is totally lovely, he got loaned out to the Osmonds for their spring tour this year as well and used to go out with one of my best friends back in 2006/7; so I have a real soft spot for Si!

    They still sound like the Rollers to me :-)

    Julie xx

  • How lovely Julie, I loved them!

    I was looking through the pics on Les's website, he doesn't look the same with the tooth that isn't crooked any more and the pot belly! Times' change and I am heavier too unfortunately lol! ;) :P

  • B a y. B a y B a y c I t y with an r o double l e r s bay city rollers are the best..... Remember chanting that at the osmond and David Essex and Cassidy fans with me tartan scarf wrapped round me wrist with my poster of woody above my bed..

    VG x

  • oh yes it. . i had a bcr. bag and scarf :-) they were the 'one direction' of my youth. :-)

  • OMGoodness! Takes me back! U remember the Rubettes about the same time? Weird looking lead singer. & The Partridge Family, gorgeous David Cassidy. My cousins went to school with David Essex (my claim to fame!) Oh those were the days!

    Shang alang for me, of more like ouch & pouch! xx

  • Oh wow Shadow, Sugar Baby Love, Sugar Baby Love - you've got me singing now! The Rubettes! Do you remember the white flat caps they used to wear and the garish coloured suits?! A blast from the past! :)

    Showaddywaddy! I didn't particularly like them but I remember at the time I couldn't get "Three steps to Heaven" out of my mind every time I heard it!

  • Come on we are showing our age now. Yes my favourite was David cassidy plastered all over my walls. My sister liked bay city rollers so I pretended I didn't like them I actually went out with a lad that looked like Woody. There was also t-rex, mud, donny, the osmonds, ooh and David Essex

  • we were (for some reason which escapes me now) big fans of Woody! Had badges & scarves etc. Also seem to recall B.C.R. ruler, rubber etc. now that really does age! Also loved Donny + the Osmonds, David Cassidy, but most of all David Essex. Saw him live on several occasions. Many years later David Essex was in Pantomime Puss In Boots locally so of course had to take my children. Had the opportunity to go back stage, and omg what a let down. He was so arrogant, dismissive, insulting and I would never (even if I could) bother going to see him again. Oh the innocence of youth. :) Hope you have a really good time - just let yourself go and enjoy the waves of nostalgia.

  • Lin<<<<<<struggles to lift arm up. I do remember them and I hope you have a fab time when you go xxxxx

  • I'm going to be Rollerised tonight :-)

    Sorry you had a bad experience with David Essex Tulips. I've met Les McKeown, David Cassidy, David Essex, all the Osmonds (including Alan, Marie and Donny) and Leo Sayer and found them all to be lovely.

    Had a chat with Les about the bacon one morning when we were in the same hotel.

    Leo was so modest.

    David Cassidy was overcome with emotion and a total darling - I had a huge hug and a little dance with him.

    David Essex was very sweet each time I met him and obliging with photo's etc but I think you can tell he regards pressing the flesh as a necessary evil and is pleased to get back to his private life.

    The Osmonds are just amazing, I've even seen Jimmy and Jay asking if they have spoken to everyone before they go into the theatre or get on the bus - awesome people and their wives and children are so charming too; I have a real soft spot for Jimmy's wife Michelle and his four children Sophia, Zak, Bella and Wyatt.

    Well it is 4 pm and the show starts at 7.30, the venue is 45 minutes away and I am all ready to go! Eager or what?

    WE WANT THE ROLLERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Julie xx

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