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Chernobyl who remembers?

Nothing much about Fibro in this post.

Who remembers Chernobyl?

1986 was 30 years ago.

Radiation lasts for 1000s of years.

Children of the children of '86 are growing up in Ukraine& Belarus with the devastating effects of a nuclear bomb by any other name.

Its not all bad news. There are a few charities that bring vetted children out for 4 weeks generally in the summer holidays.

So the point is this we with Fibro in Uk have access to amazing healthcare of all types. Our children if we are so blessed have fantastic places to live in the main.

Spare a thought for those with/without Fibro who live in the fall out zone from Chernobyl medicine even paracetmol is expensive!

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Yes I remember this awful . X


Oh I remember it alright. The cloud was right over us, and it was heavy rain in my part of Britain at the time. Which meant all those deadly little particles were getting washed right out of the sky and onto us.

No one can be sure how many of us have and are going to continue to die because of it.

I can tell you one little thing. AT college shortly before we checked the background count as part of a short experiment. It was consistently 18 counts. Years later I built my own Geiger Counter for fun. The background radiation in my house and outside was now 28 counts. I lived 5 miles away from where I went to College, so why the difference? Was it down to Chernobyl? I don't have answers, but I have often wondered why it was higher only a couple of decades later.

The funny side though is that I probably have the only toolbox around with a Geiger counter in it...



I remember that awful and tragic day my friend. I genuinely hope that it never, ever happens again. I watched a nature documentary the other year and a lot of the animals (especially birds) are returning to the area, of course we have no idea how they will be affected by it all as I am sure they will be?

All my hopes and dreams for you



Yes other countries have had some terrible things happen and unfortunately once the first wave of publicity dies down the poor people left to suffer have so little help. We are really fortunate in this country and I don't think we count our blessings enough.x


I remember too. We had children visit our heritage railway in the aftermath. Charities had brought them out of their own country for a bit of relief form a bad situation


I read yesterday they are planting hemp around chenybol to soak up the radiation, it grows eight time faster than trees. I don't know what happens next if they can use it, dig it in or burn it the article wasn't in much depth. It did however say that Japan was considering using it too. I think with most of Europe decommissioning nuclear plants we are both stupid and selfish to be building new nuclear plants with so much cheap, clean, renewable energy on offer despite the government axing all the green help programmes.


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