One of our dinosaurs ... Sorry volunteers is missing

Has anyone heard from Julieevh in the last couple of days.... Last thing I read of hers she was off to see the Bay City Rollers AGAIN...... Without me I might add... If she has eloped with Les Mckeown I will not be happy ... I asked her to get Woodys phone number for me..... No no no not the cowboy from toy story, the cute Bay City Roller with the spiked hair,

I saw her picture here and thought wow her OH looks just like Jay Osmond lol it was Jay Osmond.... Bet she's found Elvis and has gone to a secret gig. On a serious note hope you are ok Julie and just busy with rl....

VG x

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  • Perhaps she got arrested for having a dodgy hair do and wearing cropped tartan trousers in public ;-)

    Hope you are OK too Julie! Jane x

  • I just checked some of my posts and the last time I'd heard from her was 2 days ago,I hope she's ok,I'm sure she is and I'm more inclined to agree with ladygreenfingers! xx

  • Hope you are ok and just having a pause :) xgins

  • Julie has had her acount restricted last weekend for posting a cheeky poem and the lyrics to Lets Do It.

    She has sent emails but only had one answer

    Julie is very upset that she has been blocked from posting and is depressed for the first time in years.

  • I am now totally confused as I didn't see Julie's cheeky poem thread until it had been edited by Julie and she posted admin had asked her to ediit it, underneath admin posted that they DIDN,T ask Julie to edit it.. What is going on?????

    Very confused VG x

  • She got told off by admin and had her volunteer post removed because of the saucy poem; so she says she decided to remove it since it was upsetting admin; but then they just said she was stirring up things and should have discussed editing the poem with them. When she put the Victoria Wood lyrics on her account was restricted; Mom can still read posts and questions but she can not post any answers. She is really upset about it all and that admin have ignored all but one of her emails so she is begining to give up on getting back on this site.

  • Pansy please feel free to contact Admin privately about this if you have any concerns.

  • I have seen all the messages you sent to her LibertyZ, I have nothing in private to say to you. I just want to see my Mom happy again by being able to come on here again.


  • Pansy we have given you the opportunity to discuss this with Admin privately, if this isn't acceptable to you, we would appreciate you not posting further on the subject in the forum as the matter has been resolved.

    Thank you.

  • Sorry I cant do that until the matter HAS actually been resolved.

    Mom can not PM admin as you know because her account is restricted; she has had no PM's from admin since last Sunday. She has emailed Lyndsey many times but had just one response.

    The matter will be resolved either when the restiction from Moms account is lifted or when you explain why she is permanently banned.

    To tell me and other members that the matter is resolved is misleading and is evading the issue.

    I will not talk about my Mom in private as I have nothing to hide.


  • Julie has been contacted by email. She was apparently unaware of the fact that, as I am a volunteer, only have childcare 2 days a week and have other commitments to FibroAction, in-depth responses may be delayed by a few days.

    I will not into detail here of what I have said by email as I feel that would be inappropriate.

    All members can be assured that restrictions are not put in place for no reason and are not kept in place for minor reasons. The HeathUnlocked Site Guidelines and the FibroAction.HU Community Guidelines are linked to all around the community (check out the box on the right hand side of your browser if you scroll to the top) and are not complex. Also, a genuine member (as opposed to a clear Spammer) would never be restricted for a minor infringement of either set of Guidelines.

    However, abuse of this community, such as using it for spamming of other members, soliciting or promotion, or by posting offensive, abusive or malicious content, will not be tolerated for the sake of the majority of members.

  • My Mom was not a spammer, she was not offensive, abusive, or malicious. The posts that upset admin were actually very well received by members, when you look at the evidence these allegations fall flat on their face.

    I have just seen Mum's email. And it contains lies!!! Mom has not asked people to join another forum in unsolicited messages and Perfect Pansy is not an alias, it is my account which she has used just once to contact a member who she was friends with by pm, otherwise it has all been me!

    I've been putting up for my Mom but I now think she is better off out of this if she is going to have lies believed about her and be treated in such a manner.


  • Lindsey has made the situation very clear, we have acted very fairly, explained fully and followed appropriate and correct procedures. We will not enter into any further discussions on this subject, that is an end to the matter.

    We thank you for your co-operation.

  • "We thank you for your co-operation" what is that a business letter? I thoght this was a support forum? Liberty you need to lighten up you are starting to sound like a starchy matron!

    You said in another blog you were a spiritualist and wrote a lot about that. Its against guidelines to talk about religion on her so who is going to remove your post or have you restricted for braking the rules? I think what jennie says is right we are all supposed to be grown up and that pam ayres Poem was famous having been on places like the BBC. Is this Forum now too good for that and If you are going to treat your own volunteers members like that i think the rest of us have not much of a chance on here anymore. this is horrible.

  • This is awful and rings of big brother. We are all supposed to be grown ups and anyone who gets offended by a silly poem needs to deal with their puritanical outlook. Fibro life is bigger than this, we all have freedom of choice to either read or not read we dont need protecting especially on a social network. The woman lost her position that was punishment enough. Losing her place here along with other accusations rings of hidden motives/ bullying and has a nasty smell about it. Oh I dont know either mother or daughter just for the record but I do believe in fairness and justice.

  • Without going into detail Jennie, the situation was far more complex than a poem. We do not restrict people because of poems. The entire matter has been conducted fairly and appropriately.

    Please read Lindsey's message above on this thread which goes into more detail and explains that restrictions are not kept permanently in place for minor reasons.

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