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PIP ESA Carer's allowance

Hi everyone i have a question If you get PIP care and mobility enhanced am i right in thinking that your Partner if they dont work and they look after you can claim carer's allowance

my question really lies here do you still have to go for an ESA assessment to see if they can find you a job or put you in the other group. I was thinking about this because if they pay someone to look after you Carers why do they think you can work if you need 35 hrs a week care

I have looked on the net for an answer but cant find anything to compare it with

looking forward to reading your answers

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hi, this might be an answer for you?


Hi thanks for for answer i have checked it out really it only tells you what you can claim i want to know if you get carers allowance for you are you still expected to go the ESA assessment where they decide which group they put you in work or not work. It is just a thought that if you get the carers for someone to look after you how would they expect you to work it does not make sense or do they give you ESA support without making you part take for an assessment ???????


ok -as a f/t carer yes, you would get ESA as I understand it. Have you googled the two words together f/t carer ESA?


you may have to apply for ESA first - and then carer's allowance?

some administrator from Fibro Action may know more or have a site to check.


I think it is doubtful that you would get ESA without an assessment process, but I think as a carer, all the evidence in place it should be straightforward, once the need of the person cared for is established. Best to take this to CAB or their online adviceguide first?


Yes you still have esa assessments regardless of pip and/or someone claiming carers allowance for you.


- but please check with CAB


I think i am having trouble in saying what i mean just like me these days brain foggy i will try again

I put in a claim for ESA as there is no way i can work they told me it is better for me to claim and put my hubby on my claim , then i put in for a change of cicumstances for DLA they told me to put in for PIP as DlA was on the way out I eventually got my award for PIP and was told my hubby could put in for carers allowance. I am still waiting for a decision on my ESA (fit or not fit for work) i can not make sense of the esa bit do they still send me for a face to face assessment although my hubby would be getting the carers for me do they still expect to find me fit for work ???????? do i make sense yet LOL


Hi Tasha

They were right is saying that OH could claim carers allowance as your PIP award is one of the benefit that entitles him to this if he looks after your for 35 hours a week. I believe he could still work as long as he does not earn over a certain sum which I believe is something around a £100 a week. if you think of the 35 hours over 7 days it is only 5 hours a day so if you understand would not preclude a part time job. Carers UK have a factsheet on this or you could look on their website. They also have an advice line.

As you have the enhanced rate of PIP care and mobility it is very likely you will be put in the Support group for ESA but they have to go through all the motions as ESA and PIp are separate benefits so you have to be assessed separately for ESA.

Hope this helps.x


Thank you for your answer i know some people dont even get an assessment they get the ESA without any face to face


I can see that you have been given some wonderful advice so I will just wish you all the best of luck with this.

Good luck



Your partner can claim Income Support for you as a family unit if he recieves carers allowance, Income Support will also include the severe disability payment premium, the rate for a couple is £308 per fortnight.

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If you are placed in the ESA Work Related Activities Group (WRAG) you only get Contributions rate for 12 months then it becomes Income Related which is Means Tested. As a result any Carers Allowance earned by a spouse/partner (also Means Tested - must earn less than £102/wk) would likely affect the amount of ESA (I) you receive - the Government reckon a couple can live on £113.70/week so anything over that is deducted from your ESA (I). We had ours stopped completely as my hubby has a small Service Pension - if our DLA/PIP goes I don't know how we'll cope, struggling as it is.


i get dla and incapacity my husband gets carers alloance for caring for me i would go fot it they can only say no .good luck .


You can get PIP irrespective of whether you are working or not. Many people on PIP are working part-time or full-time, and they can still need the same amount of care as someone not working so Carer's Allowance is based on PIP entitlement. ESA assessments are about whether you are capable of working.

After you claim, you get sent a form called an ESA 50 to complete. You need to take advice from an expert on how to fill it in. Do not do it alone or you will fail to read between the lines. Your answers are point scored so you need to understand what they are looking for to make sure you answer accurately. It asks lots of questions and will be used by the Healthcare Professional (HCP) who sees you. They then tell DWP's decision-maker what you can and can't do. The decision-maker then decides one of the following

a) Fit for Work - no ESA payable.

b) Work-Related Activity Group - you are expected to get better. You are required to participate in activities to get you back to work. If you refuse to do so, you will be sanctioned. Contribution-based ESA will be paid for just 12 months and then it stops.

c) Support Group - for the most disabled. Contribution based ESA will be paid for as long as you qualify.

Most people who claim get told they are Fit For Work or are put in the Work Related Activity Group. About 1 in 5 is put in the Support Group.


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