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Thank you everyone so sorry didn't meant to worry anyone but to be honest it really touched me to think someone really cares going through

these changes been a learned spiritual journey as well and what with these claims and things they can really take it out of one. I realise that money is quite a decision but when it a genuine claim I kinda guess its ok to claim for it but never mind before I ramble on about how the world should be ty all very much. Especially to foggy for her lovely concerns but to reassure you I walk around my flat (with crutch I use my mobility bike twice a day to take my dog out , couldn't do it otherwise. Overdo it regularly and that's why I flare every week and end up taking more meds just for that day though and I do bend down a little to often which I know does more damage but I do use my crutch or sideboard or even the correct lift through my left leg to prevent this . Im a large lady but not lazy I've always had horses and ponies all my life enjoyed the out doors and took many interests but this illness like so many of you I've read about now struggles everyday to keep some normality in my life ty all for your reply's this illness isolates me from other people but I know you guys just know. Its real comfortable in my soul. The fog is a real bitch for me my long-term memory is fantastic but my day to day and through my day is lousy and frustrating and morale robbing but I've accepted a lot better since meeting fibro peeps ty all again for your wonderful sharing of your illnesses ty xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Gentle hugs for you. Fibro is the pits but we will come through it. Try to pace as much as you can. Easy to say, hard to do I know. I live with an almost permanent flareup because I just haven't learnt to pace :-(.




bless your heart xx fluffies


You poor thing. I'm in other groups and this is by far the best for all those reasons :D :P . . They're a really caring, knowledgeable bunch. Nothing seems too much trouble.


Have some {{{{royalspec}}}} fluffie cuddles.


That submitted before I asked it too...............very odd :o LOL


I agree with Jilly pacing is hard especially when what we feel like chops and changes like the wind all the time. How is it possible to re-adjust to our new way of life without re-training ourselves to do some of the most simplest of things?

I hate my memory, my long term memory is brilliant but my short term memory is shocking I put the timer on when I'm running a bath, alerts and alarms for all types of appointments, note books and the OH plus the letters and appointment cards and occassionally post it notes. I used to be so organised too but now I never remember where I put things :o ;) :o

I lost my passport a couple of years ago................ well misplaced, ten days before flying to Malaga to get on a cruise round the Med :o Not good !! My mother and her partner travelled across country to take me to the local passport office to get a same day passport :( the cost was atrocious :( especially as my mother paid for it............. I was so embarrassed by it......... still am to be honest. Thing is I always kept it in the same place I still do so that I will remember where it is. They'd rang me one night on my way out the door for my passport number so I'd just shoved it into a handbag until I got back............. it was 3-4 months later when they asked for it again that I couldn't find it.

Vicious circle fights irony I'd say :o

You have found the best site for fibromyalgia I agree, I'd self diagnosed myself a couple of years ago but had be warned away from forums so found it very difficult coming to terms with the different elements of it. At the same time my personal understanding of my body increased as I could finally explain why all these different things were going wrong, some of them for over ten years if not life-long :)

I was diagnosed at the beginning of last year and found this site to be a Godsend when I finally plucked up the courage to join. I don't feel quite so isolated now either. I 'don't do' facebook or twitter or anything like that so it was quite a culture shock for me :D

:) sorry its so long winded hunny :) xxxsianxxx :)


your fantastic get so much form you guys and long winded what's that xxxx fll fl fl uffiees


Hi Royalspec01

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you can be? I am just sending you positive thoughts and best wishes.

Take care

Ken x


Hi ken ty too xxx


Hi Royalspec01,

Bless you, keep going, we're all holding you up like little invisible angel're allowed to be emotional and 'let it out' no one expects you to be brave & supportive all the time ( I've read your encouraging posts on here and know how lovely you are) you can let go and enjoy the support from others until you've regained your strength ( spiritual, emotional & physical) to support again:)

That's true community action:)

Take care lovely and speedy improvement xx

Sign xxxx


aww ty but its kinda encouraging with you peeps cause im so busy being hard on myself and trying to be a brick a sinking one at that for my family who I might add are marvellous especially during my early learning and managing of this illness anyways ty


Morning gentle hugs to you (((())) hope you have a good day today and dont over do it. I would love to go around the streets with my dog but I live in the country at the moment it is mud mud every where. Hate not getting out well dont we all.



good morning to you too xx


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