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How I wish.... this was written on a down day!!!

How I Wish

How I wish that one day I could wake up free of pain.

The times I’ve wished this for myself, but my wishes are in vain.

Most times, I grin, bear it, and laugh with everyone,

It is just a front I’ve mastered well, and it seems that I have won.

Another wish I often have is that folks would take the time,

Just to try to understand about this life of mine.

I’m not asking for your pity, as pity does not help,

Just your time and patience to find out how I felt.

Not just to ask, “how’s you today?” and when I start to tell,

I see the vacant look appear, I know that look so well!

This illness is invisible, we may look well outside,

But only other Fibromites can know the pain we hide!

© Maggs Parris

6 Replies

Wow!!! This poem says it all, fibro sure is the invisible illness which makes it so hard for others (friends, family, workmates, gps, medical professionals and goverment agencies) to show/give appropriate support :-(( being stigmisited as everything from hyprochondriacs to benefits spongers, malingers to nusicances only adds to the stress anxiety and depression which is both common with and a trigger for fibro. Love to see ur poem printed on a tshirt or wristband it would sure give some people food for thought and save us the hassel of explaining our condition to people with no empathy!!! Id def buy one :-))) hugs )))))(((((


Ps did i mention I LOV IT!!!! ( just re-read it and im in tears lol it really hits home wat we 'fibromites'- (gr8 word btw) go through on a daily basis. Xxxx


Awwww, thank you for your nice comment :) .... I write a lot of things down and this seems to help me cope! Not too sure this could be printed on a wristband ... it would probably be too big and hurt our wrists, lol ... the t/shirt sounds a good idea though :)... maybe we could start a business???? * smile *...

Hope your day is bearable and not too painful... soft, caring hugs to you xxx


this is brilliant i too scribble to keep pain and depression at bay but nothing aslovely and heartfelt as this i woud buy a t shirt or a fancy dishtowe with this on it would promote our illness so well huggies petal


Brilliant peom says it all. Well done you.


What a Brilliant poem, thankyou so much for shareing it, and yes it says it all

Thanks again love and gentle hugs jackie xxxx


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