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being Granny

i have had a wonderful day today

Grandaughters aged 5 & 8 from 8am - 7pm then 2 Yr old Grandson from 6 30 pm - 5 30pm tomorrow

lots os fun sorting playroom out and walk into town with them pushing dolls pushchairs, lunch @ a cafe ( where i knocked my latte over doh !) and a walk home through the park so about a mile and a half, think i may suffer for it tomorrow but i am busy building memories so it will be worth it.

Grandson likes to go out but then continually says " go grannys house " til we get home.

he loves the wooden train track but if i get down on the floor will i get back up ? oh hangon my Grangirl made a crane out of a kitchen roll tube so i will be fine ha ha

its nearly 11 30pm so i had better go to bed , i don't think i am going to get a lie in tomorrow

off i go to remember my lovely day

take care everyone xx

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How lovely. They are lucky kids to have a granny like you. Thanks for sharing these lovely moments in your family life.


thankyou , i am very lucky to be able to have the time to be able to help out.

if i worked i would not be able to have them nearly as often xx


Cranny moments are moments to treasure


I totally agree, i love getting my grownup childrens toys out and watching my Grandchildren playing with them too,

Last week my Grandson was lining up the trains just like his Daddy used to, using the fishtank in the hall to make sure they were all perfectly level, Thomas trains facing into the tank watching the goldfish xx


Granny moments are moments to remember I cling on to mine as they only happen when my daughtr in law allows then. This happens when she feels she wants a break. I know she uses me as a babysitter but I have to accept it, put up and shut up. I don't want to upset my son with this any more so I take them when I get them and treasure the moments.


Hi Copber my heart goes out to you, i really think Grandparents should have access in their Grandchildrens life, they are such an important factor in their lives.

I was hoping that the law would be passed giving Grandparents access but alas no

i understand what you mean about babysitting and having special time with them

separation is so hard on everyone and as you say you are putting your son first as at the end of the day they are still our little boys

i hope things get easier and you are able to have more time with them .

i have 3 Grangirls aged 8,5 & 13. and 1 Grandson aged 2

take care x


Irisjoy, thank you for your kind understanding of my sitution. I pray that the hurt in my heart will ease and that I can keep going as I do saying nothing and enjoying the time I do get to spend with my little darling.


you are welcome Copber i sometimes think we will bite the ends of our tongues off the amount of times we need to bite them

i have the honour of standing up for my Mum when my 4 brothers decide they know best, i never thought it would happen but it does,

I have no idea why some people think as soon as you get into your 70s / 80s you can't make decisions any more , my Mum is very intellegent and gets quite frustrated with them

sending you warm hugs x


Hugs comming back to you and thanks again


I'm a granny too - and struggle to play as you do, but keep trying because I only see mine two or three times a year, so time is precious. I have become an expert at sitting down games - in which I sit (or even lie) down and they run around me!! It works for us!


hi Artyrosie

very true we do get expert at doing things our way, my Grandgirls love arty things so we do lots of it however 1 of them loves mixing potions paint,bubble bath, squash any concoction she even put ground maize in it last time what a mess lol

storytime is another favourite with all of them , as an ex childminder i have lots of books so we have a good selection but we do love a trip to the library too.

one thing if u lie down on the floor how on earth do you get back up ? maybe you are fitter than me ?

take care xx


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