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Pain Management Course Day 2

Well that was fun!!

Actually it was quite a good day, though I think I might be paying for it tomorrow

It was only 9am-1pm today, but we managed to pack a lot into it

On arrival we were greeted by the bright & breezy physiotherapist, who took us up to our room (whoever heard of a bunch of disabled people being taken up to the third floor??)

Once we got into the room we all looked apprehensive, as there was gym equipment around, and on the wall were sheets of paper announcing WALL SQUATS; WALK; ARM RAISES; STEP UPS; WALL PRESS UPS; GYM BALL; MARCHING ON SPOT; and a few others. I felt like going home. My arms don't work and haven't for 5 years. Physio's always seem to think I need the 'right' kind of exercise, but I know from experience that they baulk at any kind of exercise, and always give me hell afterwards, so I was rather worried. :-$

So our day began with a brief chat and then on to the exercises. Firstly we had a mat each and did floor exercises, mine weren't very good, especially the push ups as I lay there like a beached whale. The physio told me that if I couldn't push up from my hands, then do it from my forearms - Nope, not a good idea, so she said not to worry and just raise my head - OK that was easy enough, but took a good deal of effort to get up again. We then did a few gentle standing exercises (Yoga type, as we did on Monday).

Then mats away and we each had to take up a place at one of the points, where we had to carry out the exercise posted on the wall, using whatever equipment was provided there. I immediately headed for the step up, as I can manage that ;) up, down, up, down. Only a minute at each point, but a minute can seem sooo long when you are unfit and out of condition.

I discovered I have very good balance as I managed to balance on the wobble ball, and toss a ball in the air at the same time. I also managed not to lose centre of gravity on the gym ball. :) Though anyone thinking me a smart ar$e soon discovered otherwise when I got to the wall press ups, I did two and spent the remainder of the minute with my head on the wall, and hands by my side. The arm raises were none existent and when asked to pick the dumb bells up, I dropped even the lightest ones every time I tried, oh hum. I tried the wall squats, back to the wall and down I went - alas I couldn't get back up again and ended up on my bum on the floor. :-o

Finally it was 11am and we could escape for a short break, we had to be rounded up to return 15 minutes later as we weren't in any hurry to return

We had psychology next where we discussed the link between chronic pain and stress, and the fact that due to the pain we are already at heightened stress levels, so doesn't take much to tip us over the edge, so we will in the coming weeks learn how to address that, and learn progressive muscle relaxation. We learned about breathing from the diaphragm, and the best bit- relaxation.

Unfortunately there was only time for ten minutes, but it was very therapeutic. I rather think that tomorrow I will be paying for this morning's physio session. She advised a warm bath - ha ha would be good if I could even get in a bath, as for getting out again...................... :(

Looking ahead to Monday I can see THREE HOURS of physio on arrival, though half of that seems to be learning about pacing. :-/ The afternoon schedule includes an introduction to CBT, and Mindfulness, discussing the role of negative thinking in chronic pain.

The timetable I have been given only gives details for four weeks, and not the 6 I had originally been told, so unless anything else is to follow, it might only be a four week course.

There seems to be a swimming session scheduled for next Friday for 90 minutes, but then there is only 15 minutes allowed for getting rinsed, dried, dressed and having a tea break before the psychology begins, which of course is impossible.

So that is the first week over with. I do hope the information is helpful to those of you with appointments coming up for similar courses.

Again if people are interested enough, I am happy to give a review of the next session on Monday.

Got to go cook now, then heading to the settee for the rest of the evening


Em xx

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It's very informative and from your description I can see why I was turned down as too ill to do the course makes me feel like I am not going to pop my clogs at any minute

So thanks for that EM

VG x


Phew - am exhausted from reading that - had quite a good workout just seeing what you'd been up to!

Glad you had fun - you seem to be managing OK and not letting it get you down, so good for you.

Looking forward to next week's instalment. :)

Moffy x


Thanks for the detailed and informative description. Hope you don't pay too high a price tomorrow. Have a good weekend. Look forward to next weeks update.


Well if I hurt, I hurt. That won't be anything new. It will pass eventually, and I will just read and play on my Kindle until it does, or top up the meds and act like I'm stoned. At least I know with Fibro pain although it feels bad it isn't doing any actual damage, and it doesn't actually hurt too badly whilst doing things. It is only later or the next day that it hurts and I can relax when I need to - I can even use my new Relaxation CD that I was given today ;)

Who knows if I strengthen some muscles with this, maybe in future it might not hurt as much? It's worth a try at any rate, nothing to lose except my sanity :)


Golly Friday has come around really quickly hasn't it - Monday , now Friday, wher has the week gone ? Your course certainly seems to be packing in a huge amount into your sessions an d like moffy, I was exhausted just reading about it, let alone doing it !!!

You have my greatest admiration doing this and I can only hope that your body and you both end up benefitting from all this hard work ! Kudos to you Mal........gentle hugs, foggy x


My god, you did really well. I would be lost at the stairs. I have no balance and can't catch, lol but will give it a go. Hopefully when we do ours, swimming won't be involved, I get too cold after about 20 minutes. The relaxation sounds good though.

The whole thing sounds really useful though and I am so pleased that you are keeping us informed.

I hope that you are not in too much pain tomorrow.

Thanks again



My son is out tomorrow, so I have the place to myself, and have no plans. I usually blitz the kitchen and bathroom on Saturdays, but we are unlikely to come to any harm if they only get basically cleaned. I plan to just take the day as it comes, and if I hurt, then nothing gets done. I won't be swimming either Jo, it's a heated pool, but alas I can't swim. The course really isn't as bad as it sounds, it is rather packed, and Mondays are much too long, but if it is only to be four weeks, well, it will soon pass, and there is a lot to be learned from it.



When I did the pain management course we had talks with all the different people with only light physical exercise and if you could not get on the floor then sit on the chair and also we were encouraged to get up from our chairs and move around so we did not hurt so much when we did need to move, if you needed a cushion or pillow then it was supplied.

Sounds to me you went to Colditz or somewhere

Take care and kindest regards



Hi Terry

It really wasn't that bad. I often get up from my chair and wander around, or stand at the back doing yoga exercises on my neck, as my shoulders & hips tend to stiffen when sitting for any length of time. We take our own pillows for hygiene reasons, but can do whatever we like with them. We are encouraged to try the exercises, but there is no pressure to do all, and you are advised fro the outset not to push yourself too far.


Sounds good I bought a mindfulness app, only problem is I relax so much I fall asleep, haven't got through introduction session yet. Do let us know how you get on


I have that Mindfulness app too - same results :)

We had a ten minute relaxation today, and the odd thing was that I was completely relaxed, and as I had little sleep last night, I was afraid I would fall asleep. So I kept focussing on the voice, somehow without my being aware of it when it was approaching end it must have prepared you ,as when the end came my drowsy eyelids suddenly flicked open, I gazed around the ceiling and was thinking "well, can I get up now?". I was given a copy of the CD to bring home, so plan to try it and see if the results are the same.


I am so impressed I am afraid most you describe id beyond me, I even have trouble with step ups or climbing the stairs the rest is a no no - relaxation interests me though and your description is marvelous please carry on so we know what we are missing ! xgins


Funnily enough I can't get up and down the stairs at home, either my knees or hips will say 'No Way' and throw me down them on a regular basis, but the 'step' for the step ups is only little so doesn't pose much of a problem. Also no one noticed that I stepped up and down with the same leg all the time, keeping my worst one totally straight so the hip didn't give way ;)


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