Coping skills

I am off the the mineral hospital in Bath tomorrow for the first of 6 weekly half day, visits for fibromyalgia coping skills.

I am really interested to find new ways of coping , unfortunately, as I work full time , I am expected to return to work in the afternoon (Bath is 15 miles away)

I expect to be really tired tomorrow - bed at 6pm again -

I'll let you all know how I get on


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  • Good luck! I will be really interested to hear how you get on as I start a similar course in January. Jane x

  • thanks

  • That sounds interesting - would love to know if this helps. I've been using a bio-mat for the past few weeks. First couple of weeks I was in absolute agony but each week the pain has got less, and I've had so much more energy, plus less pain. I go on a Friday afternoon, then come home and sleep until Saturday lunch time! But I feel so refreshed and relaxed, and each week it lasts a bit longer. Definitely worth doing, and combined with the acupuncture it means I can just about manage through the week now without too much dificulty.

  • thanks , I have not heard of a bio mat what does it do , I know I can't do without my electric blanket!

  • Let us know if they say anything worthwhile :-)

    Julie xx

  • Good luck with your course. I did the same course last year. Most of it was pretty basic but it was really good to be with fellow sufferers, although our life stories were very different, we had such a lot of shared experiences. I think we actually learned more from each other than from the course leaders. Either way it was very worthwhile. Hope it helps you too.

    BTW one really good thing came from it, I met someone who has become my best mate! We were the only 2 women among 8 men but we laughed so much that I forgot how much pain I was in!

  • thats a positive thought

  • Hi there I've done the course too. Was very tired after it poor you having to go back to work! I just went home to bed. I agree with the previous poster I learnt a fair bit through the others that were there. I found the pacing bit useful.

  • I do not think I would find use for coping skills after 21 years with basically no help whatsoever. I think I have just built it into my everyday riuting so to speak. But I hope the course does you good, But I do feel for you having to go back to work after doing it xxxxx

  • I found it quite tiring but very interesting , meeting others & discussing signs & symptoms, we are going to have some hydrotherapy in a few weeks I am looking forward to that.

    I was given a file with lots of information, but guess what , I can't find it at the moment , lord knows were i've left it .

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