not been on for a while as I have been really unwell yet again. We went to a christening the other week where I gained someone else's 'man flu'. As per usual, women deal with things a lot better, however I am at doctors this afternoon - yet again. We went to a funeral yesterday and walked home which was a silly idea and now I'm paying for it. hey ho, as I said to someone yesterday - can't moan as there a lot people worse off than me. The guy who's funeral it was for was only 32, he had spina bifida and died of a heart attack - it certainly puts things in perspective. Moan over.

Hope everyone is as well as they can be. On another note, does anyone use disabled cutlery for fm and can anyone tell me a good place to buy them from?

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  • Sorry you are feeling unwell. One thing I will pick up on from your post, yes there are always people worse than we are however Fibromyalgia is a very debilitating condition and you do need to look after yourself. As for the cutlery, some chemists sell adaptors for normal cutlery they just fit on the handles of any knife and fork. I hope you fell better soon. Lou x

  • Thankyou for your reply. I will look for them

  • We had that our neighbour we thought was fit and well and had even had 6 numbers come up on the lottery - she was part of a group but even so a nice win. Anyway she went to bed was talking to her husband about the day, said Oh my God and died. had a vein burst in her brain - life is short.

  • When i am feeling down i think of my nephew. It was his birthday yesterday, His 15th . he no longer has enough strength in his muscles to even open his own presents.

    I feel for his parents as much as i do for him.

  • I sincerely hope that you feel better soon. My brother bought me a mug for Christmas that says ''Man Flu Survivor'' I love it!

    Take care


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