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hi i'm really not coping today,(who am i kidding, not been coping for ages) i've been in constant pain for at least the past four weeks the pain meds aren't working very well. Plus i'm getting so short tempered with all those that i love. It doesn't help that people say things to me but by the time that my brain registers what they've said its totally the opposite to what i think that they have said, which causes arguments. I don't mean to but i don't know how to stop it. Sorry for moaning but i just needed to talk to someone. xxxSharon

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  • your allowed to moan on here lol

    i think you have to give yourself some TLC that's Tender Loving Care

    if your not coping too well ( and who does) try some time out with something you enjoy and can manage to relax with. don't be too hard on yourself its tough fighting fibro all the time and yes we do weaken but we will pick ourselves and charge on again when we are ready. soft hugs xx

  • hi thankyou problem is i don't know how to relax anymore my partner is always telling me to try cos it'll help, AND i know he's right just don't know how too. Thanks for saying i can moan, just feel guilty.

    xxx Sharon

  • dont feel guilty ,thats what we are here for ,so you can get it off your chest :)

    have you been to your gp ,it might be good to discuss your meds ,and tell him that you are finding it hard to cope at the mo ,

    have you got an ot ,my one did me a relaxation cd that i put on when im really stressed and had enough ,

    maybe you could ask your doc about somthing like this ,

    hope this helps sharon hugs to you xxx

  • HI not got an OT, bu got an oppointment on the 8th next month (its so hard sometimes to get them to change my meds, been on co-codomol for a good few years 400mg tramadol and recently been put on pregabaling after trying amitriptyline so will have to see

    xxx Sharon

  • hiya in the same boat at the mo ur not alone.

    everything is making me anxious as well had a major breakdown earlier this evening ended up having to take my inhalers i have down a bit now & came straight here cause justknowing others understand helps me gentle (((hugs))) to u xxx amanda

    also the relaxation breathing does help me too xx

  • hi

    everyone that i know and love, knows how my illness it effects me but that does not make me stop feeling guilty. Plus i keep on and on about my meds gp always says wait till you see specialist but they just say keep trying xxx Sharon

  • Sharon I know how hard it is, I dont think any of us really cope, rather we exist from day to day. There is already some good advice on here for you so take care and look after yourself. Love Angela xx

  • don't apologise for having a moan, your entitled, hope you feel a little better soon- love julie51 xxx

  • hi please dont apologise one thing fibro does is make you feel short tempered and dam miserable and you are in the right place to have a moan but all we can do is help you as best we can we all feel we have lost our selves in a battle of pain and meds and appointments s what ever you need just come on here love to you diddle x

  • thank you to everyone for your kind words and good wishes i really apreciate it

    xxx Sharon

  • Moan away girl! We are hear to listen. You probably know all this but I'll say it just in case it helps. What helps me is just to accept the situation - house like a pig sty, never go out, find it painful to move at all. It's not easy and I still have some nagging guilt. I'm not religious at all but sometimes I speak to god, the universe, the air around me, kind of like a prayer and ask to relax and accept. I don't know how it works - but it does for a while and I get some relief for a little while at least. I also find having a good weep helps me let it out and I usually get a good sleep after that.

    I know we are all different so these suggestions might not be right for you but I often try what people say - just to see, and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't work for me.

    Most importantly, keep posting here to let of steam, we can take it whatever it is.

    Christine xxx

  • hi my problem is i can't except the situation, i keep saying 'why me, why me' my partner keeps telling me its not my fault and too not get so upset about the state of the house. The thing is i keep thinking how much better i could do it, my daughter does the washing, ironing and cleans the bathroom, but i think the basket would be empty by now, the ironing would be up to date and the bathroom would be spotless. Bless him my partner has had the fridge out today and cleaned behind it but i couldn't help but think i could do that better.

    BUT i know he is right i just can't help mourning what i have lost, not what i still have, and the more that i think about it the more that i feel guilty about not being able to do anything anymore.

    hope i haven't brought you down with me

    xxx Sharon

  • Don't give up hope. I've had this for 20+ years and it has been variously diagnosed as Depression (all in my mind), ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and now Fibromyalgia.

    After the first - maybe 4 years - I went in to remission and went back to work full-time and had a normal life for about 12 years.I rose to the top of my profession. Then it all went pear shaped blah, blah, blah. Stress and anxiety ruled me again and my symptoms came back and got worse and worse until I had to give up working again and ended up back where I am today.

    What I'm trying to say is - your life is not over! All those years ago I found a way of living that worked for me and I eliminated most stress from my life and I got better. Then when the stress came back I got ill again. This is a very long way of saying that worrying yourself to death and stressing over your laundry basket is the last thing that's going to help you. THIS IS ALL JUST MY OPINION so you can tell me to bxxxxx off if you like. One of the things I did was get some long-term counselling. I would go in to my session with a temperature of 101 and come out with a temperature of 97 - I actually checked it!

    Your family love you the way you are, don't rubbish yourself - they don't. You are a good person with a bad illness!

    Moan to me any time. Christine xxx

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