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have been coping for a while now come crashing down

back hip and groin so painful at moment and have pain in my armpits? does anyone else get that? seeing dr tomorrow and seriously thinking of applying for pip (dla) again was too stressed to appeal last time , think alot of it is stress just had one of our dogs put down he was 13 but he was our first dog.

im usuing crutches to get around at moment went in to work yesterday cos thought id cope 2 hours later i was on my way home i only work 12 hours a week but now finding that too much now. my hubby even has to help me off the toilet sometimes which is really depressing ,not had a bath in months cant get in or out can have a shower but have to throw shower gel on legs and feet as cant bend down. luckily have got an automatic car so can drive its just getting out the other end and walking thats the problem. will see what dr says tomorrow may ask for some stronger pain killers but my mum was addicted to pain killers and dont want to go down that way

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Sounds like you've had an horrendous time of it, certainly sounds lije you've been through the wringer!

I think applying for DLA would be a sensible option.

I realky feel for you regarding your dog. They are a member of the family as much as anyone else.

Sending you loving thoughts and hugs.

Becky. Xx

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thank yo becky will speak to the dr tomorrow see if i can get a referral ive just taken the diagnosis and left it as that no meds nothing but cant cope with the pain now prob due to stress got so much crap going on at the moment but thats just our life lol


I hope you get some satisfaction when you see your doc. So sorry about your dog, I have three all getting old now and it must be so hard to let them go. I hope things get better for you soon xx


Hi Angied. Sorry you're having such a tough time at the moment. Stress really isn't good for Fibro but it isn't an easy thing to avoid. Losing a loved pet is devastating, they are family, no doubt about it.

Hopefully the GP will be able to help you out tomorrow


Oops sent that a bit early!

Is there any way you could get a shower fitted into your house? My Auntie had a shower fitted, with a shower-seat, by the council when she couldn't get into the bath.

Am thinking of you just now, have a cuddle with your other doggies, they'll be lost as well. And your hubby of course. Take care, sending a hug. Is xx


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