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social skills

I have a question re social skills ....... since i have had Fybro and ME mine have gone bottoms up ..... I am aware when it happens yet can't do anything i hear myself and cringe sometimes .. other times i try to apologies but some how it comes out as if i have a mental illness :/ ... umm an example would be .. shopping i talk to myself .. ask questions etc .. then turn to some one and say something as if i had know them for 50 years .. they either keep head down or just stare at me ..... I can say things that might be in my head normally and filtered for social intercourse :P but they just come out i am screaming in my head ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no please dont ... but i stand there listening to myself say it anyway .................I just want a hole to swallow me ... I have to shrug and carry on but i really really hate that part of it ........I just wondered if this was one of the unsaid symptoms .... ummm or am i going mad lmao :P if so watch this space . :D . seriously have others experienced this ??????????

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Actually I started chatting with a woman in Macdonalds a few weeks ago quite randomly. Thankfully she was on the same wavelength, but her husband! You should have seen the look he gave us.

I find the worst thing is I have become so intolerant of so many. Random strangers can piss me off in a matter of seconds without ever coming into contact or talking to me. If that one ever flies out of my mouth I suspect it won't be pretty.

I suspect a part of it is to do with the fibro fog. Since we seem to struggle more with remembering things, it's often easier if we keep it at the forethought of our brains in order not to forget, and sometimes that means mouthing or even speaking out loud.


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I always have to sort out what I am wanting to say before I say it, so I seem to be talking in slow motion. Then I have to repeat what I have asked for in a shop, so that I know that I have gotten the right things, or actually said what I thought I was saying! Luckily, the people in the local shops have known me for years & they often socialise in the same pubs, etc., so we know each other & everyone just accepts it as me making sure I've got the right shopping - not that I'm checking up on what they've given me!! But it's different when I'm in a large store, I often realise I am saying things like what crisps to get, what to get next, that sort of thing, like ladytelita says, to remember things. I've also had a few random chats with strangers too, I think there's a lot of people who only get to talk to others when they're out & about doing there shopping, etc.,so I think it's something like a community service we do!! ;-)

Julie xxx


You have just made me lol.....I too get pissed off with random people.they do my head in.

Jan x


Lol :D yes ladytelita Julies 63and Janlou thats it exactly :D thank you also Janlou thats another one for me i can be growling also hehehehehehe xxxxxx love to all


This sounds just like me!!! I used to be quite an outgoing person, but since the fibro I feel like a gibbering idiot!!!! X


Hi. I feel that I'm a lot less patient than I used to be. I too talk out loud ask myself questions and then answer myself. I especially talk out loud when I'm stressd about a situation things I should have, and will say to that person who has pissed me off. I often say to my friends I was walking the dog in the woods again talking to myself they laugh and think I'm nuts.

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aww hugs Riles yes think you all hit the nail on the head it is about being less tolerant with others sigh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh dear xxx


Well guys I just thought it was my personality traits gone haywire LOL would never have connected it to fibro til now lmao I always put it down to my anxiety depressive disorder well its all linked together isn't it these days?!

I'm so blunt I scare people hehehe the upside of that is that my friends know who to come to when its the truth they want and not to be told what they wanna hear!

I have zero tolerance to childish spats in adults and refuse to take sides when people fall out over such childish things and can quite randomly talk to any stranger when the mood fits. I hate crowded places and the arrogance which accompanies them followed by the ignorance too.

I have been known when sitting socialising with friends or sitting on a bus/train and someone's been explaining how sad and fed they are for the umpteenth time to quite tersely point out that if they're not happy do something about it, change their job, ditch the OH, move house the list is long and goes on and on.

In reality I sound like a very terrible person :( so I get a lot of flack. However, the flack doesn't bother me anymore because I envy the fact they can bitch about their jobs and having to get up blah, blah blah! I just can't stand the way in which they don't appreciate what they have.

I can't go supermarket shopping because I swear at people for being ignorant and blind or into town clothes shopping for the same reason. aw well!

I have now realised that I'm definitely not alone anymore! thanks guys :)

I have a counsellor that I go to see to vent my anguish at. She is amazing and very, very, funny and the therapy works a treat. Thankfully I'm not quite so much the roar, roar, monster anymore! LOLOLOL :)

There's a reason why I'm ZEB heeheehee

boinging off and showering you all with fluffiness to help calm the mind and soothe your pain


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Hi folks new to this site. My Fibro diagnosed early this year. Finding it hard to keep going. Think am going nuts most of the time. Used to be full of fun and outgoing where did I go? Good to know so many of you have same symptoms.Flicka


aww bless you all sigh feel so much better it is not just me so to speak :o I am a ratty B****** sometimes which is the opposite to what i really am heheheheh Zeb73 u made me laugh yes i scare others sometimes but scare myself more hahahhahaha lmao xxxxxxxxxxx hugs all


Funny just reading this and ive just had a spell just over half an hour ago, I was saying something to my partner and it wasnt comming out of my mouth as I wanted to say it, its a hood job my partner understands me.

ive found if im out shopping now and theres a child crying or having a tantrum it just gets on my nerves and ifva child is screaming I feel as if my head is going to bust and all I eant to do is get out of there, I love bairns but as my fybro and r a gets worse I just cant put up with the noise, my son and grandson are comming home for my 60 th birthday nxt Feb and im just hoping I can hold it together while there here, not used to children in the house I cant wait for them to come home my house is going to have noise instead of quietness, keep your fingers crossed for me

love to you all xxxxxxx


hugs Marg54 relate to that one also crowds are bad .... i also stopped shopping much do a lot on line now for that very reason some days just stepping out my front door is to much ... just irritated with normal noise cars people passing .. love to you xoxoxooxox


I thought it was mjust me and I was becoming one of those miserable old gits lol,

Take care Morwenna lovevMarg xxxxxx


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