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Esa assessment. Worse than I imagined!


Hi all,

Just recovering from my health assessment for ESA. I feel battered and bruised! I have never been made to feel as I do, in my 52 years of being on this planet.

The assessor was quite rude, very abrupt and lacked any form of compassion.

I had my best friend with me, not only for transport/physical assistance issues but also for emotional support. She has visited me every single day since this illness took over my life in September last year. I honestly don’t think I would be here, if not for her.

As I often lose words or my train of thought, especially when exhausted and stressed. my friend attempted to explain why I was taking a while to answer the assessors questions. The assessor was so rude to her. Told her in no uncertain terms to stop talking, as it was my assessment, not hers! When she later tried to explain the difference in me, she was once again asked not to speak.

I found the whole experience distessing. I was sobbing after about 15 minutes, she didn’t even offer me a tissue. Lots of times, she attempted to get me to contradict myself, tried putting words in my mouth etc, etc, etc.

At one point I asked my friend to take me home, as I felt so humiliated and belittled. I could hardly speak!

My friend was so angry at the way I was been treated, she was going to ask for the assessors name, to file a complaint. I begged her not to, as I assume it will only go against me.

At the end, I told the assessor that I wished I didn’t have to be there, I have always worked and held a well paid and respected job. If I could go back to work tomorrow, I would in a heartbeat.

I’m not sure if it’s a good or a bad sign but she said she wasn’t going to do a physical examination. I was not asked to move, nor show how immobile I am. Is this because she could see the swellings and the pain I was in? Or was it because she knew that she would not be recommending me for ESA? Has anyone had any experience with this?

I am totally exhausted and look like I’ve done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson!

Thanks for listening. Xxxx

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i'm so sorry to hear of your bad experience, I can imagine how you must have felt. I think everyone who is getting treated this way should be putting complaints in to either the place that's carrying out these interrogations or your MP. I don't think they can punish you by holding back your claim if you are entitled to it. if they did you would have to appeal against their decision, and while I understand this is all harrowing for you, that is what they want, they expect everyone to fall at first hurdle and accept their decision. If you appeal a decision that they did'nt give what have you got to lose. Don't give into them.

lift yourself up, dust yourself down and don't let them get too you.

I wish you all the best.

Hareyfarey in reply to Robbie138

Thank you for your reply. I have rediscovered my resolve! I will keep on trying. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Hi,her not putting you through the physical stuff is a good thing I would of thought as you surely have good grounds to say you never had a proper exam ,good luck

Hi Alan, I never thought of it in those terms. Thank you. I shall try and think positively! X

Royalname in reply to Hareyfarey

I agree whole heartedly.

If it comes back as a negative result, you must appeal - especially if there was no physical examination. Why don’t you write a Letter of complaint now, it will not affect your claim and this treatment is absolutely disgusting and what they want to happen- scare people off claiming.

Good Luck

They can be a nightmare it is a few years back now but my first one was fine very fair and seemed genuinely concerned but the second was an entirely different type never looked at me was sharp and told so many lies. I accompanied my OH for his and even though he was going with a mental health problem she glossed over that and concentrated on his physical health. We ended up having to go to two tribunals but he was eventually awarded ESA the assessor gave him zero points and the tribunal 18!!

You just can't tell which way an assessor will go but her not even bothering with a physical assessment could be a plus as it could mean she felt she had enough evidence to make her mind up. If it goes against you as Sillysausage234 says that could also help you if you have to go to appeal.

I hope you asked for it to be recorded? Good luck let us know how you get on.x

Hareyfarey in reply to rosewine

Thank you Rosewine. I didn’t have it recorded but now wish I had! I think I’ve resigned myself to the idea of having to appeal. Il let you know! Xx

I know I may get shouted at for this but she may have been judging you on your ability to communicate I know there's five criterium if she didn't do physical exam she may have had all the info she needed and your friend helping may have been making it difficult for her to assess you. I know I'm almost defending the opersition or that's how it feels sometimes, but she was trying to assess you if your assessment was brief less than the allotted 40 mins they got all they needed. That doesn't excuse rudeness but please wait for your decision before you judge her motives and chilaxing while you wait, easier said than done, I know I may not be popular for this but the assessor is human too and the amount of crap they take sometimes is awful the person before you could have been awful to her. Fingers crossed for a positive outcome Hun warm hugs

Hareyfarey in reply to Treewade

Hi Treewade

Thank you for your reply, I do believe they must have some awful experiences themselves, the security guard sat outside of the consulting rooms attest to that. However, I was the first morning appointment, so don’t think anyone had had time to upset her. Lol.

I hope that you are right, but it felt very negative at the time.

Can I ask, does everyone receive the physical exam, if not, were those of us successful or not?

Thank you again x

Treewade in reply to Hareyfarey

I didn't get a physical exam she said she had everything she needed based solely on my bladder I went from working to supported group. I asked my disability advisor why they weren't bothered about any f my other conditions or symptoms and he said they have a tight guideline that's why it's really hard sometimes for people to get it they may nearly fulfil each guideline but if they don't quite make it they won't award the benefit so unfair. It's almost a thank goodness my bladder doesn't hold water thing when it didn't matter that some nights I cry myself to sleep because of the pain.

I had three hours esa assessment with

Atos assessor and there is no way to complain and now atos nurse is more

Profession than the doctor in today standard on health.


I had the same with my ESA assessor, she didn't put me through the examination and when I saw the report it said I had declined so I had zero points! I have complained to Maximus who did the assessment and they have investigated and replied to me. A very carefully written letter saying that as the assessment was not recorded it is my word against hers but they have spoken to the person that did the report and the manager on the day and they have been made aware of my complaints and have been dealt with. So they are saying in one hand it's my word against hers, but in the other hand there is a problem and they have done wrong but won't admit to it fully.

Just waiting for my court date now, don't let them win, don't give up.

Hareyfarey in reply to susangore

Omg! That is so frightening! How dare these people put us through this, it seems very unfair. God, I'm dreading my report now! Good luck with your fight xx

These tests are wrong on every level how can they over ride all the other people that have trained for many years at there jobs and there say is more Inportant and has the final say surly your doctour / surgeon / remotoligist/ neurologist / mental health and even your local mp and the other perfosionals that have had to deal with you should count for a lot more it's a scam there only a few people that are blaging the system the most of us would want nothing more than to not be in pain and most of all to be working that not realise in the damage that they are causing with the stress and worrie it was all ment to change wen atos got sacked and find a lot of money for doing such a poor job how has it changed and how many life's have been lost thru there poor way of treating us I am sorry if I am ranting on but I have anoth of these people making these crazy choices that effects us so much plus I am in loads of pain today sorry about my spelling and sorry for being so bitter hope you get the benefit you deserve always make sure you get them to recorded from now on and stay strong there ment to knock us down and keep knocking us down either to we give up or we win best of luck to you and to every one that's going thru this

Hareyfarey in reply to Mark8

I am so sorry for you Mark, it really is demoralising isn't it? I have a £28.000+ job waiting for me. Do they really think that I would prefer to claim the amount of money I probably won't get anyway! She even refused to look at my photographic evidence, asked her three times! I guess I'll just have to wait and see. She said I would hear within the next 4 weeks. How long are people waiting for? X

susangore in reply to Hareyfarey

My assessment was 24th November 2017 and they phoned me 1st week in January to tell me I had not got any points so my ESA was stopped. I was told to go and sign on for Job seekers asap as I would not get any more money through from ESA. Not a nice phone call to get!

Mark8 in reply to Hareyfarey

Thanks for your kind words on my pip I have waited 6 weeks now I have phoned them 3 times and it was ment to take 2 the last phone call they said they think they lost mine and might have to go thru it all again I really hope things turn around for you and you can get that job I tell you one of the best things that has helped me is that Cbd oil I been on it for 3 weeks and it has changed my life around its given me a life back I no its not for every one and people are scared of it because they think it made from weed you don't get high on it one bit and is a bit expensive if you do try it go on to Amazon but you can get one thru Holland a Barrett but I here a lot of negative views on that I went with one at 10 mg and one of 5 mg stay strong don't let them win start keeping a diary of your life and how bad you get that helps loads take care mate and if we all stick together than maybe one day they might understand what we're going thru best of luck my thoughts are with you and every one else that's going thru this x

Hi chick, I feel heartbroken for you. I fully understand that these assessors have a job to do, but making their client feel belittled,embarrassed and ashamed is surely not part of that job. Remember that there but for the Grace of God....

Keep your chin up girl x

Hi Hareyfarey,

I’m so so sorry you have been treated so badly, it’s disgusting the way people in pain are treated, I think this particular assessor is out of order, and your friend if she knows you well should have been able to speak, as that’s why you can have someone accompany you sure? I would put in a complaint as this shouldn’t be aloud, it might be worth going to the CAB to get some advice, again so sorry about your experience, sending you big hugs 🤗🤗🤗🤗


Ask DWP for a copy of the report written by the Disability Assessor and then complain about the assessment. In my other posts I have listed the email and postal complaints addresses. If they uphold your complaint, they may pay you goodwill. I got £300.

Hi all,

Can I just say a huge “Thank you” for all your kind words and advice. I am going to write up my complaint/appeal now I have recovered and while it is still fresh in my memory.

I will keep you updated.

Thanks again,


It's horrid isn't it? And horrid for your kind friend too. The upset they cause to those who support us and care is appalling.

Never give up, never give in to this awful regime. We have to fight for what is right. Sadly, it is divide and rule, each of us having to jump hoops to get what we need but it still doesn't address that what went wrong for us will go wrong for others.

The assessors and DM's should attend the tribunals to see the result of their actions. They should be held to account for their mistakes and poor assessments. Sadly they wont be because all this horridness is built in. It damages us bit by bit over and over. I guess they hope we will give in and give up. I say, never!

I think if our friends and family attend an assessment they should be heard. They are going to be impacted too, when our benefits are stopped. The upset, having to help out financially, attending CAB and tribunals. It's never ending. Who would want to sign up for that? And to get no say? It's disgusting.

Hareyfarey in reply to Al10

Thank you, I am no quitter, so they will have a battle on their hands! Xx

Hi you can consider fightback4juctice they are really good as are benefits for work in this situation

Hareyfarey in reply to Ajay575

Thanks Ajay, I will bear them in mind for the inevitable appeals! Xx

hope it works out either way will be stressfull for you terrible system take care

My assessment was exactly the same. wish I had known her name and complained. too late now I suppose. my assessment was last September. due to go for tribunal but has had to be postponed because I have a funeral that day and I must go. xx

Great news! Not heard anything from ESA yet but I have been awarded the higher rate for PIP!! No appeal needed. Thanks for all your help and support guys. Xx

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