Newly diagnosed, help with meds please x

Hi, I was diagnosed with fibro last week. I currently take tramadol 50mg x8 a day and cocodamol 30mg 3 to 6 a day which was originally prescribed for nerve pain that has been chronic for over 3 years. The fibro has been there for 2 years but only just diagnosed. The rheumy said to add in more amitiriptyline ( am already on 10mg at night) increasing upto 50 mg and to try to exercise. I luckily was due an appointment at the pain clinic a few days after this and he prescribed pregablin. He said I can't increase the amitiriptyline until I reduce the tramadol which the rheumy didn't say. So he suggested gradually getting tramadol down to 4 or 5 a day and at the same time increasing the amitiriptyline to 50mg. Also taking the pregablin at the same time.

I want to avoid the pregablin if possible as I tried it before and the side effects weren't good but if I have to I will give it another go. If I reduce the tramadol I am in a lot of pain (that's why I take them!).

Can people please let me know the pain meds that have been beneficial for them, I know everyone is different but if I knew more about other peoples experience it might help me make up my mind what to do.

I am waiting for physio and might leave messing with my meds until then, I have a young daughter and don't want to ruin christmas by being even worse than I am now.

Any advice please?????? Does anyone else take tramadol and amitiriptyline together??

I can't see how I am meant to exercise if I am taking less pain meds than I am on now and I can't do anything as it is. Thanks.

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  • I would just like to say hello. I am sorry but as i have no experience of the meds you mention i cannot answer your questions, but i am sure that some one else will be able to.

    Hugs sue xx

  • Thanks for the reply anyway, it's good to know I am not alone xx

  • Hi. I have taken all the meds you mention. It's all a matter of finding what suits you.

    I am currently taking Lyrica, I take 900mg a day. That is the max allowed,also, painkillers.

    Getting adequate sleep is the real problem and staying awake during the day. I hope this helps a little. I wish you well. Any questions, I don't mind. I've had this for six years now. Grant777.

  • Thanks for the reply, it's daunting when newly diagnosed, I think I will try the amitiriptyline first before the pregablin, hopefully I may not need that, thanks again.

  • Hi I was on amitripoline before given tramadol. I had to stop taking the amitripoline As got told that taking both together cause sedation and were a high risk together for something else!

  • Thanks for the reply, the pain specialist is concerned about seratonin syndrome if you take the two together in high doses, I think I will have to lower the tramadol as I increase the amitiriptyline, it's good to have other peoples input though, thanks.

  • I am so sorry to read of your struggles at this time, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these. I do not use the medication that you are taking unfortunately. Welcoem to the forum and I genuinely hope that you find it useful, informative and loads of fun!

    Good luck


  • Thanks for that, I'm sure the forum will help a lot now that I finally have a diagnosis, I don't know how people used to manage before the internet!

  • Hi sorry to hear that you are struggling at the moment. I too take all the medication you have mentioned but in different dosages 50mg x 2 slow release tramadol, 20ml amitriptyline and 150mg pregabalin. I am in the process of reducing my medications as I am fed up of the side effects. It seems the drugs effect every one differently it maybe worth seeing a different gp or consultant for a 2nd opinion. Good luck x

  • Thanks for the reply, getting to see the GP seems to be very difficult these days, although I will try again next week. I'm sure I will find the right combination eventually, it's just frustrating in the mean time, thanks again.

  • Hi there,

    I take Tramadol x8 per day and Paracetamol x8. I also take Lyrica 150mg x2 per day. I used to take co-Codamol. As far as I knew you shouldn't take Codeine and Tramadol at the same time as they are both opioid drugs. Perhaps your G.P. knows different. Hugs x

  • Thanks for the reply, the specialist is keen to move me over to the other kinds of medication (lyrica/amitiriptyline etc) but said I'm ok to take the two together until I change the balance if that makes sense, thanks again.

  • I was taking tramadol and co-codamol together but was told by my new Dr that they don't work well together!! and to take paracetamol instead of co-codomol! I also take 10mg amytriptiline at bedtime and luckily I sleep well! Discussing your meds with the Dr is your best bet and ask to be refered to pain clinic as they have more time to assess your personal information and recommend different things for you to try! I hope you get things sorted soon!....much

  • Thanks for the reply, I have just been to the pain clinic and the consultant is keen for me to move to amitiriptyline and pregablin with a lower tramadol dose for the long term. How do you find the tramadol with paracetamol? I tried it and it seems no different to me, thanks for the reply x

  • Hi, wellcome to the forum, and sorry to hear about all your prescriptions, just like others, I don't tend to use cocodamol and tramadol together as they are doulbe paracemol, plus codeine caused constipated to me so made me even headache, but every one is different, obviously your gp know you best, I just take high dose of paracetemol or panadol I feel its safe for me and does not give me stomach pain like ibuproven or aspirin/anadin, but if that help you sleeping at night that is the most important thing.. so I hope you will cope better in the day time if you are able to have a night rest.

  • Thanks for replying, sleeping is very difficult at the moment due to the pain, thanks again x

  • i know it is difficult, but try to have a bath before going to bed, sit down after that with a candle and have a warm milk, that should help just relax and reflecting your day, try not to eat bananas, stop eating after 7pm, try reduce your carbohydrate and red meat in take, try to eat plenty of pulses (bake beans) vegetables and fruit thats normally help me, but then each one are different, you can always try.

  • Thanks for the reply, can I just ask, why no,bananas???? Thanks

  • Because bananas is high in potassium and sugar, very slow to digest that is why some athlete using it, but some people mostly health care specialist always advise people who are suffering from fibro for trying not eating bananas

  • I take Nortryptaline at night to help with sleeping along with Tizanadine (a muscle relaxer) that helps me fall asleep (the Nortryptaline helps me Stay asleep for longer periods). I also take Percocet as needed for pain. Pregabalin =weight gain and swelling, Lyrica = I become zombie-like, gabapentin =face swells up, etc etc..... I had bad side effects from most of the meds, and I've tried them ALL. THE ONLY ONES THAT WORK:

    Percocet for pain

    Tizanadine helps me fall asleep

    Nortryptaline helps me stay asleep

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