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Family worries over meds

Does anyone else have issue with their familes constantly suggesting they should come off meds?

I understand the concerns, when my family members tell me it's not good taking all these meds with side effects and the possible consequences later on.

I try to tell them I barely get by with the meds, & I couldn't possibly function without them, as that would mean no immediate pain relief when pain is horrid, and no sleep at all when I desperately need it, even if it's just a couple hours. It might sound silly but I tell them I'm willing to take the meds if they can help me to get some quality of life. They don't seem to understand.

Does anyone else understand?

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Thanks so much Jules:) I will try that:):)

I totally agree with you. I think they think they understand how I feel but it's so hard to explain to them how I struggle daily.

Gentle hugs:) xxx



Hi Alisha,

My sister in law says that she is worried that taking too many meds will harm me and what will i do when my body is used to them. She doesnt get it and if i didnt take all these meds then i wouldnt be able to look after myself or my kids and the house doesnt get done as it is.

I keep quite about tablets i am on its just better, i change the subject if anything crops up. Anyway the doctor wouldnt give us them if they didnt think we needed them.

Hope you can get them to understand hun, but you just do what is right for you. :)

hugs, kel xxxx


ye my family main muther thinks as i don't have things mising or hump on back then why take meds wen i don't need meds just pull myself together . then i will be fine and older sister says should tell doctor that i don't need all these meds just need to stop and get a job . and the rest i am of so should be at there beck and call just for them as i don't work so should jump wen they need me !! oh at mo they are not talking to me as 1 i never had her pup so she could go away without him and second one because i never packed her daughters house ( who has me ans is sick noy like me just of work) as she was moving sat so i should of packed and moved her . so yes i do now sorry for the rant soft hugs


Well said Lynn. If family members and friends know so much why aren't they in the medical profession??????????


Good one Nicki - people can be sos cruel


yes i do... know what i tell them now.... i would rather die taken those meds sooner in life than live without meds and live longer with this illness.. soon shuts them up lol.. meds prob do some damage but so does breathing in things in the air.. hope this helps xxx


Thanks alot friends:) it helps to know that you understand and can relate to how I feel:):)

Diane I totally agree with you - I need my meds to get by, without them I might live longer but the quality of life would be so so much poorer I'd just rather die sooner. And there are so many other things that can kill us faster!

Kathlaidlaw, I'm sorry your family tells you to stop taking meds and 'pull yourself together' like it's your fault you have fm, when it's clearly not. These things make it so much harder to cope with fm. They obviously don't understand how fm affects you by expecting you to always be ready when they ask you to do things for them. I dislike that because even though I don't work currently I'm exhausted all the time.

LynnFA - good point on whether family would ask me to stop taking meds if I had a heart condition. I know they wouldn't for sure so why ask with fm?


no my familty are quite good actually obviously they dont like to see me on all my meds but they are not too bad they dont lecture me they worry but know if the GP says that what i on thats what i on lol love to you diddle x


Hi diddle, that's so good that your family is understanding. I really hope mine will be at some point in the near future because it would really help.

Hugs and love:):)


To be honest I do not attempt anymore to explain - if asked what I have and they throw a blank - then sooner or later have the audacity to ridicule the illness or treat it with contempt. For me they are not worth being in my life we suffer enough without these people putting guilt on us also.


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