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Pain meds

Ive been in increasing pain, the pain clinic at hospital say they cannot do more for me, I have lower back epidurals twice a year and ketamin from them. From the doc, gabapentin and cocodamol 30/500. My pain levels are just getting worse, ive been on these meds for 9 years and realise that we become immune to them. The docs wont do more as Im under the pain clinic, its a vicious circle and Im in tears of frustration. has anyone else been in these circumstances?

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Hi Freyeesha

Surely if the pain clinic can do no more for you, they could refer you back to your doctors? They could them change your meds. One of them must be able to do something for you.

I was on Gabapentin and co codomol but changed to Pregabalin (Lyrica) and co codomol, it has made so much difference.

I would try and contact either or both tomorrow and try and sort something out.

Keep in touch.

Piggy hugs xxxx



Thankyou for your reply, I was on Pregabalin for some time before gabapentin and they changed as wasnt effective anymore.......... Im planning on going to the docs again to ask. What Im concerned about is being placed on meds where Im spaced out as Im an artist and dont want my work effected......(not wanting too much here lol)


I agree with Piggie, if the Pain Clinic say they can do no more for you then your care would be transferred back to your GP. Please speak to your GP when you can about this and I am pretty sure they will reassess your meds and try something else for you. Your GP can contact the Pain Clinic to confirm their discharge of you.

Sometimes Consultants, GP's, Clinics etc are concerned about stepping on each other's toes, so it's up to us at that point to try to get the ball rolling in the right direction so to speak.

We have all been on various meds during our time with Fibro, so it isn't unusual to try quite a few before we find something that suits us and helps us manage our painsand other symptoms.

Please let us know how you get on, we are always here for you.

Take care. (((hug))) xxx



Hi Libs,

Thankyou. My main concern re discharge from pain clinic is that the lumbar epidurals would stop and these do help my back for 3/4 months... I feel like Im in a no win situation. Im normally so positive about life but its getting me down.....


My pain consultant has refereed me for physio at the pain clinic, acupuncture & hydrotherapy at a sort of local hospice and CBT for fibro pain management with the pain clinic physio. I'd look into these options with your pain consultant if I were you my lovely XXX


Will see what else they supply, Thankyou, Ive had massage and therapy and paid for acupuncture myself, I also paid to join a gym to use their hydrotherapy pool, it was very helpful but couldnt keep up the cost of full gym membership, they wouldnt let me pay for just the pool...... xx


Hi freyeesha

An accurate and comprehensive diagnosis is absolutely critical to getting optimal symptom control with Fibro, and I would be concerned that you not have had this. Needing lumbar epidurals for regional pain suggests, for example, that there is something regional affecting your back as well as the Fibro. Have you had any additional diagnoses?

If you don't get everything pinned down, then treatments cannot be targeted. And targeted treatments are far more likely to be effective.



No I havent had any additional diagnosis other than the original of M.E and Fibro. My initial contact wit the pain clinic was due to severe back pain, they said it was due to my illness, I think in the past 8 years Ive had no further research into my illness at all, I do feel Ive also been guilty of putting up with pain as just putting it down to the fibro. I had an exray on my upper spine some 5 years ago as there is a very small scoliosis there but other than that nothing.....


This is definitely something to bring up with your doctor. Redoing investigations would be a sensible course of action after 8 years and little symptom control.

A referral to an orthopaedic specialist might be appropriate with severe ongoing back pain. If not, a physiotherapy referral might be good.

Would seeing a private osteopath be an option? Osteopathy is mentioned in the NICE Guidance on Low Back Pain, but this is pretty much only available privately. A good osteopath will also do their own evaluation, sometimes including clinical tests, as well - they can be great diagnosticians and are hands on, unlike many doctors nowadays. There is some information on Osteopathy in the Complementary Therapies & Fibro factsheet:


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