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Just for your information, my fibro has not been good in the last two

Years, and two months ago I went off potatoes, I think it's some thing

To do with cymbalta I go off my food some times

Any way I have noticed that my pain has improved no end in fact I

Have even cut down my pain medication don't know if it will last of

Course and I still get the tiredness, but pain is so much better. Still

There but not as much pain

Reading things on line as you do it is believed that it helps people

With arthritis and any of the nightshade family is to be avoided

It's worth a try I feel so much better, it may of course be one of

Those things there is a lot more on the list but for me potatoes

Are the only thing I eat on the list.

It may be that I am going into a good period, I will not hold my breath

But at the moment it's so much better

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That's really interesting .... Just looked up what food is in the nightshade family and the only thing I do eat from the list is potato.... But what do you replace potato with..... I hate all pasta and rice unless it's special fried rice from the Chinese :) do you have any ideas?????



That's a problem I know I have not replaced

Potatoes with anything, just eat a meal with

Out, it's funny how we rely on potatoes.

Last week my husband wanted fish and chips

I had noticed before that I did not sleep at all

After having chips god I sound a bit loopy but

I suppose we grab at every thing don't we,

Anyway I had about 5 chips and the fish

That was only to stop my husband nagging me

So maybe you could just cut back if you try it

It might all be rubbish but for me I can't believe

How much better I feel, still very very tired but

One step at a time, and I don't expect it is the


I not like pasta that much either, and rice not often

Going to miss roast, but then one or two every so often

Maybe I don't know.


Thanks will try cutting down gradually as I don't know if I could manage cold turkey.. Or should it be cold potato




I've cut out potato too. I replaced it with sweet potato. It's something I can really crave. Of course we crave what we can't have.....and I've found its in so many easy foods.....soups and gluten free breads all have potato. But its the humble chip that really calls out to me. Very recently I've been told it the oil its cooked in that is highly toxic and addictive ! Nice to hear that I'm not just incredibly weak willed.....but also becoming really scary to think about our society all being hooked on these poisons.

I do eat a fair amount of rice...not pasta cos of the wheat. It's also been suggested I try quinoa? Which is a seed and therefore a completely different food type. Looks like cous cous (which I can't eat cos its wheat) Haven't tried it yet. Amazing how scary its become to try new foods. I don't like the pain when it turns out to be a trigger x


Thank you I have only cut out potatoes, well tell I lie I have not

Been eating bread either and I feel so much better,

Can't beat a chip sandwich, but I don't have one but have

Two or three chips it started really as I found that after chips

I found even harder to sleep, I know that it's a strange thing

To give up but then fibro is very strange.

I can't believe that some thing like potatoes have made so much

Difference to my pain levels, but time will tell I expect, I am so glad

That I am not the only one trying different things to cut out

Mind you potatoes are not very nice this year a lot of green ones I

Expect it's all the rain I have not tried the quinoa but I will look

It up.

Thank you for your comments a great help to me as you say it's scary

The things that poison our body's but look at some of our kids and the

Rubbish that they eat, the have problems with there weight don't they

I don't think for one second that cutting out food will make fibro

Go away but it may help our pain and give us a better life we can it hope

Love viv


It's well worth googling The Lectin Story... If you want an explanation about why this stuff makes a difference. Interesting reading x


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