Still doing well on Guaifenesin.

Hi everybody, just to update you on how I am doing on the Guaifenesin which I started in September last year. I have only rarely needed Amitriptyline and in fact can't even remember when I last used it. I had a recent drawback when my dentist recommended a toothpaste which he said had no mint in but it did (aroma) and all my pain, brain-fog and fatigue came back within two weeks because it was blocking the Guai. Now I am virtually back to where I was before the toothpaste, still get sleepy but virtually no pain or brain-fog. So I have to say that I am so pleased to have found this medication and although it was not easy to get into the whole protocol, you know not eating or using certain things but this is a small trade off for feeling so much better. I am finishing my first year at Uni and hardly missed a day (only when I was on that toothpaste!) So I would encourage those of you who have not tried Guai to give it a try because it may be life changing for you as it has given me my life back to probably 90%. That is better than the 20% I used to have.

Love and hugs


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  • Hi there,

    I'm so very glad this treatment is working for you. It's a shame that what works for one won't work for another. A one-size-fits-all treatment for fibro is long overdue - until then we just have to keep trying to find out what suits us as individuals.

    Moffy x

  • Hi Moffy

    You are right, I know some folk on the guai site still struggle a lot with various problems and others who come right 100% but of course we have to remain on guai for life. Have you tried it yourself yet?



  • Just read 4 different websites on this .... Basically I should have to stop my night meds that help me sleep I may feel worse before I get better I would have to change my toothpaste and PAY for it ....

    Great it helps you but my sleep is too important to mess about with and I couldn't afford to buy the amount you have to take daily ......

    I am really glad it helps you long may it carry on :)

    Vg x

  • Guai can be taken along side all meds your taking there are no knwn side effects ... I have had no probs .. Just getting hold of it a decent price .. Always got to import from America .. Wish a uk company would import a huge batch and sell it at the prices the Americans are privy to 👌

  • Hi Very-Grumpy

    Yes it does seem overwhelming to start it as it is with any new thing. You have to weigh the benefits against the price. I am fortunate that I only need one tablet a day which is 600mg. So a bottle lasts me for a long time. Otherwise I would really struggle. The toothpaste issue is a pain but I now use bicarb, salt and potassium nitrate for sensitive teeth. My teeth are really white from this and the sensitivity is starting to wane now. Also when you are on the guai you don't get any build up on the teeth. The science behind the guai is to get rid of phosphates which is causing our fibro symptoms by not being expelled from our bodies which instead store it in the most amazing places, hence the pain, brain-fog and a million other issues!!

    As far as sleep goes you can still use your meds for sleeping but eventually you will find that you wouldn't need them so much, if at all. I sleep quite well now even without my using Amitriptyline. The only thing I miss is not eating anything with mint or drinking tea but it is worth it to get my life back.

    All the best


  • i was told about this or ide seen an article and when i approached my g.p. he said ude have to take a lot ime just mwondering how much u hav to take at wot cost and where to get it. please help

  • The best thing to do oggie is to purchase the book on Amazon, a second hand one will do and this will explain everything you need to know. It is goes through the various symptoms we suffer from. It is "What your doctor may not tell you about Fibromyalgia, The revolutionary treatment that can reverse the disease" by R. Paul St. Amand, M.D. and Claudia Craig Marek. This book has helped thousands of people. I use Guaifenesin Extended Release, 100 tablets - 600mg. I need half a tablet in the morning and half in the evening. So a bottle lasts me 100 days obviously. I purchase these from Prohealth in USA but do sometimes get taxed on it when it comes through the UK customs. It is available in the UK from a couple of places I believe and I will probably go through these in future. Everyone must start on 600 mg per day and increase accordingly as per instructions in the book. I am one of the fortunate ones to respond well to 1 tab a day. I find help on the website which have moderators that can give advice and also they have testimonies from people which are very encouraging. My advice to you though is read the book, join the site and go from there. It is worth a try I promise.

    Take care


  • Iam too am on the Guaifenisin and after 5 years of this horrid condition . It works . But I wish I lived in America where I can pick it up from Walmart ( asda) for peanuts .. But here in the uk I have to import and is very expensive!!! But I agree the (if able to afford) is worth the benefits and as for the mint and tea and plan product , avoiding all salicylates ect is a small price to pay for my life back😊Still need my amatrypt and my sertrelin though but no longer take gabapentin or co codimol , jist paracetamol 😀PLEASE does anyone knw a uk supplier of slow release Guaifenisin cos the taxes/import is becoming unaffordable 😖

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