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I have pain in my groins, not had it there before

Finding it hard to balance a hot water bottle there

I have tried big knickers and putting hot water bottles

In my knickers, did nothing for my husband and I found

That not only did I walk like some one of 95 you know

Bent from the middle, but with my hot water bottles in

My big knickers I now walk like a duck.

Husband now thinking of changing me for a younger model

That does not have fibro, the trouble with him he has no sense

Of adventure.

There was a very famous film about a women and I believe

Big knickers can't remember the name as I have fibro fog oh

What fun, I admit that in the film the woman did not have

Hot water bottles in her knickers, but I think that makes me

More interesting he will not find another woman like me


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Bridget jones.could be a infection.i have p.i.d so i have regular hot water bottles dwn there too.

I walk like a,duckling.xx


Thank you could not remember the name


Big knickers are the way to go, afterall Bridget pulled Hugh Grant and Colin Firth so she must have been doing something right!

Julie xx


I remember the days before Fibro when my undies top and bottom (bras and knickers) were pretty, lacy, all matching, dare I say it that they made me feel sexy! No more! Matching sets have been replaced by soft bra-like tops and big pants lol! Small knickers just don't work with my Fibro! These days I go for comfort not looks, no wires or tight seams, all soft fabrics too.

Pains in the groin, buttocks, ribs etc are so awkward to ease too! I bought some of those sticky heat pads that work for 10 hrs, they worked quite well but they're very expensive. These can be bought at any pharmacy/chemist.

Hubby told me he doesn't mind what I wear as long as I am comfy, thank goodness for that! ;) :P


Morning Duckllings at least we must have a spring in our steps. Big knickers are deffinately the way forward and I find the sticky heat pads are very useful.

When I was a budding actress I played the part of the Dodo in Alice in wonderland well I never thought how much practice I was putting in for later on in life :) xgins


I've gone past the big knickers onto no-knickers 'cause it's just too exhausting, fun & games getting dressed - just doesn't seem worth it! Contrary to Germaine Greer's stance, do not feel at all sexy!

Rheumatologist told me groin pain can be an indication of problem in the hips and should always be checked out. :)


Thank you all for your replies, no groin pain not hips as they have been

Checked and I am told they are wonderful, well that's a lie told that they

Are fine for my age



Putting your hot water bottle on the small of your back may be helpful, as the nerves supplying the groin area have to pass through there.

Also, have you tried ice-packs as an alternative? Sound shivery I know, but in a warm room you would be OK.

In France, they use ice-packs for all sorts of things - in the UK we always use heat, but it's worth trying both to see what works best. I use cold packs on my poorly knees and it gives great relief - and for headaches also.

Wrap the ice-pack well in a tea-towel or something soft so that you don't get a cold burn on your skin - the same precautions that you'd take with a hot water bottle.

On the subject of enormous pants - (of which I have an enormous supply) - did you know that there is a saucy web-site online for lovers of Directoire knickers? That's the really huge, baggy granny pants with elastic at the knees - can you imagine that some men are turned on by such monstrosities?

I haven't yet looked at the site myself, but I might get round to it 'cos I like a laff!

Love and hugs ... Moffy x


Just had a peek Moffy, couldn't resist! Wonderful bloomers on there lol! I have only just stopped giggling, but on a serious note it would certainly take the pressure off certain delicate areas, no more tight gussets, seams and the air would certainly circulate through all that material! ;) :P


Hehe - you could call yourself the 'Company Directoire'! xx


i also have terrible groin pain just thought it was part and parcel of fibro havent went to doc abt it as my doctors isnt great and just seem to palm me off with anything they want


Don't think I want a numb groin, interesting idea

Thanks but not going to try that to close to the lady

Garden I think.

I remember the teachers at school having those

Big white knickers to the knees, showing my age

Now, they always seemed to sit with there legs

Open maybe they needed to air them in those




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