Night follows day and like my world night

comes and stays and stays so dark yawns!

Been awake since 1.00 up down up down to the loo I think it was just to pass the time-

Came down at 3.30 cup of Tea anyone else want one it is good really hot :)

If you fancy a cuppa pop your hands up I will pop round with the trolley.

I have papers too though not much of interest in them -

Topsy turvy I shall probably try bed again for a bit though it i S*****

"Morning Campers" "Early bird catches the worm" Dont be late breakfast is at 8.00

wow thats three hours away :(


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  • Yes please, Gins. Been another up allnighter for me too! Having nibbled a couple of crackers and slurped a cup of tea, it's still dark outside and everywhere is quiet. It's been a fairly horrible week concerning sleep! Hopefully, the local owls will invite me to join in their conversations. (May even get an invite to the Christmas party!). Let's all hope that everyone here has a nice weekend, restful, interesting, just nice. xxxSteph xxx

  • Iconcurr I too hope everyone wakes refreshed and ready and able to enjoy the weekend, :) Pass the sugar hun oh dratt I forgot I dont take sugar Phwa egh

  • I am not the only one then!!! SO boring! I have tried EVERYTHING - There has to be an answer and I do keep trying. Last night I had a grapefruit for the first time in years as I read that it would help - NO! One thing that does `seem to help is night time Covonia , but you mustn't take it all the time. Do you all need the bathroom throughout the night?? I would be so lost without my wonderful computer - I'm addicted. Gingo x

  • Hmm, I've been trying banana near bedtime. It's said to promote serotonin and therefore sleep. Last night's did not work. :)

  • Hi gingo I have never heard of grapefruit do you eat, wear , cuddle, put under your pillow at least then you could throw it when all else fails.

    Yes I do the bathroom run about five times a night some times because I have convinced myself I need to go and I actually don't.

    I keep my lap top down stairs or I would play all night well I might as well!! xgins

  • The same here was up all night! Toilet back to bed, toilet back to bed, pain can't get comfortable so got up in the end feeling shattered now but determined not to go to sleep until bedtime this is getting to be to regular now and it's driving me crazy why can we not sleep besides the pain. My brain seems to go into overdrive when it's time to lie down. I find if I do sleep it's just as everyone else is getting up! I'm thinking my body is in a different countries time zone. I really can't take much more of it. I desperately need a new bed but can't afford it no matter how I lie down if I'm on my sides my hips hurt if I'm on my stomach my back and knees hurt and if I'm on my back I just lie and look at the ceiling. I've tried relaxation, meditation, camomile tea, hot milk and am now running out of ideas even sleeping tablets don't work when I've had them!

  • Michael You said you could not afford a new bed well have you tried this put a double duvet under the under sheet fold it in half first then try the bed any better could you afford a bed topper . same priniciple or third idea get a friend to buy you a sheet of hardboard to go under mattress still put the duvet under the sheet it will help make it more comfy!


  • Hi, I have tried all of these things except for the board i cannot sleep on a hard surface as i would not be able to walk at all the next day it traps the nerves or something in my back when i even sit and lie on any hard surface. I have had feather mattress toppers, foam mattress topper, fluffy electric blanket, extra duvet and nothing helps i think the base of the bed has broken so that doesn't really help. I have a friend who may be helping me get a new bed but it has to be right because if the mattress is wrong it just leads to so many other problems i swear I'm like the princess and the pea lol. Thank you for the ideas though. I will get a new bed somehow. The reason i know the bed is making things worse is i stayed at my sons twice and his spare bed is in really good condition and i didn't have as much pain each time i stayed there. If my pain had remained the same then i would have known it wasn't the bed.

  • Hi Everyone

    Wish I had known you were up I would have loved a nice cuppa about 3 but did not trust the painful legs to get me downstairs safely. Thinking of bringing the kettle and "doings" up to bed with me. Mind you I had better leave the biscuit tin down there as I seem to be wanting to have the midnight munchies as well. Think it is the medication. Hope we all have a better nights sleep tonight or at least less pain.x

  • Hi gins, I missed out there! Just gone to bed when I received your last message. I could of had another cuppa - D'oh!

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Here's one Ken. I'm just on cocoa. Getting ready to go down. Nice to be awake same time as you. :P :P

    I think we've had this q. Any one get up needing to go, pass wind then back to bed for another try?

  • I got hours yet til bed! I live on 3 hours sleep approx, no wonder I am always so tired.

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