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Not enough spoons

Here I am again, wide awake at silly o'clock in the morning hurting from head to toe. 15 months down the line following being diagnosed you think I would know when I'm pushing myself and my body too far. But no, the last two weeks at work have been manic with people on holiday etc. Me being me, hating my desk being covered in papers, reminders, reports and orders has stupidly worked through lunches and started early most days. All of which along with a busy homelife this week brings me back to my first sentence lol. Why oh why are there no plastic spoons to top up your normal ones on weeks like this. Hope you are all getting more sleep than me tonight. Gentle Fibro Hugs to All.

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Morning I suspect we would all like to have extra spoons if we could but that is the whole point we only have so many to stretch around the day!

I think most of us use them to quickly but hat is how it goes we need a lament to the Spoons!

Try and save some back and I hope you got some sleep xgins


I know what you mean, and I've been where you are! I have my week set out nicely, and then someone is off sick, and I'm asked to cover ... cue pleading voices, the poor patients, they'll have to wait another month if you don't cover, we'd go to plan B, but we haven't got one ... I say ok, and end up barely able to drive home, I'm so run down!

I know it's tough, but try to pace yourself, and admit when something is too much. It goes against the grain to put things off and let them pile up, but it'll keep you in a much better place, and help you to stay on track for a lot longer.

Gentle hugs! xx


I soooo agree! We all try to pace ourselves, but does it work? does it heck!

We should be doing relays, & handing over to someone else, or plodding on a marathon, but NO, we think we can SPRINT the marathon!

Will we EVER lean? ....... I doubt it! LOL!

I seem to be pacing the floors at 1am, 2.30am & 4am latetly. My legs ache & twitch & I just have to get up. I wander round with my eyes shut, my poor dog's got the hump with me as I disturb her sleep. She's lucky to get some, it's a dog's life alright!

Gentle hugs to all xx


I sometimes feel I wake up with no spoons, well I say wake up, that statement is soooo debateable, it all just makes me so weary, so I hope your day improved, and you are all feeling some relief. (((SOFT WARM HUGS))) to all......


Thank you all for your kind words and understanding. I finally fell asleep at 0530 only to be woken by the alarm at 6am lol. Work has been manic today as always but from tonight I have a week off so whilst it won't be a rest (we have our wonderful grandson staying) I can take it easy. Sending you all gentle fibro hugs and wishing you all a very restful painfree weekend x


I am wondering where the 'plastic' spoons came in - was that so we can't harm ourselves with them when we are up against ATOS assessments? ;-)


Haha! Love it more like so we don't hurt the assessors lol. The plastic spoons came from my exhausted brain wishing I had some spare throw away spoons I could make use of. My excuse was it was silly o'clock, I was exhausted and dosed up on painkillers lol :)


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