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Let me say first that i am not in any clique,nor am i biased in any way but i will not stand by for a moment longer and watch Moffy and V-G's character be dragged through the mud!!!! I woke up this morning to find private messages galore in my inbox and ok, i admit, i read them with interest.

I too found that libs and pp were comapassionate, caring and understanding and i will always be thankful for their advice and i will miss them terribly...BUT.....i was no way in the arguement that has occured, who said what to who and who passed what onto who, nor do i want to why drag me into this, and everyone else???? Bullying and trolls is the answer!

Whatever has gone on between the admin and volunteers is just that...between them and there has been a couple of *people" trying to cause a major upset in the forum. If you truly believe that Moffy and V-G are guilty then its simple....leave.....but just remember this....when the poop hits the fan and everyone is arguing, where will these ringleaders be? Happy, thats what and do you really think they will give 2 hoots about the members that have supported them...nope, is the answer i think you will find!

Some of you have posted on the private message that you find the silly blogs offensive and insulting to your intelligence...well use your intelligence if you feel that way...dont blooming read them!!!!! The titles give us a clue that they are nonsense, so dont click on them....simple!

Whenever you have needed advice then both Moffy and V-G hsve ben there and on these private messages a few of you have statedf that you detest bullies...well what is this if it isnt bullying...except the fact that it is all said behind their backs, not to their faces as it were.

I found this site by pure accident and i thank god that i did, i have made many virtual friends, have had my worries reassured and i would like to think i have paid back by reassuring others when i am forunate to have the knoweldge about certain things that they dont, but isnt that the idea ohind a forum? Everyone helping each other?

As heuman beings we are abvioulsy not programmed to agree with one another but surely this behaaviour is only destructive? I wonder how many of us have felt more pain than what we consider "normal" today because of the added stress of this mob handed behaviour.....i know i have....andi wonder...will the trolls be there to answer your cries for, i didnt think so.......but i bet certain members of the voluteer and admin team will be....think twice before jumping on the bandwaggon.....

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I think a lot of us today have said what has happened is not our business and showed our support for the team, who give us support, advice and information. Oh and of course some fun aswell. I too found it by accident and love this site so most of us need it.

I think a lot of the bad feelings and insults ended earlier today thank god and some people have gone away. Normal service since then has resumed with a vengeance, which also shows it is needed. Its a shame you was dragged into it also. I enjoy your blogs.

I will answer anyone, so don't consider cliques and not noticed anything.

I said earlier that I have been on other sites through the communities as have other conditions and although they answer queries are nowhere near as proactive as this one.

I hope that all the sadness and anger can now be averted and we all have our forum back for those of us who do appreciate it. I know you may think that's easy for me to say as I didn't receive hurtful messages. Don't let others drag you down as they win.

Take care



Thank you Jo for your message. I just want to be helped and in return, help others. I have seethed all day over this and im sorry but i couldnt hold my tongue any longer. Moffy and V-G have always been there for us and now i think its time that we retuned the favour.

It makes me happy to think that you enjoy my ramblings as i am just a placid do-nut normally and it takes a lot for me to retaliate as i dont like conflict but i coulnt let this lie any longer!

We need to get bqck to the business of fighting this awful illness together and fighting it as one...not fighting each other....Much Love....Charlii xx


That's ok. Like I said, I was not involved and I do know ignorance is bliss, so easy for me. I think a lot of us less known people have come out today with our support for this our fibro site and thanked admin and volunteers for their time, past and present and I too appreciate moffy and vg for giving up precious time.

I hope nobody let's hurtful and negative comments drag them down

Time to take back the site and if people don't like it go.

If they wish to come back in time, they should be welcome as fibro is what binds us together ultimately.

I am glad you was able to get it out of your system and not retaliate.

You take care and hopefully by tomorrow it's all gone away



You do not understand anything i find some of your comments offensive if you have a problem with me then you also say it direct to me! I am usually an easy going person but the hurt and upset that myself and many others are feeling are just as important as anyone else!!!!!!


Also you say enough so why bring it up again it is just fuelling the fire and i am deeply hurt by your comments that are aimed at me!!! I have been on here about a year now am i not worthy!!! Well leave i shall i wouldn't dream of staying where i am not wanted mustn't upset the applecart!!!! A wonderful end to a wonderful day NOT!!!!


I knew you didn't mean me lovely! Awww you've made me smile xxx


You're a star Eversohappy! I need some time to clear my head this has upset me my tummy is churning,i was ready to clear the air this afternoon and just move on etc and not make anymore of the situation public i am not one to hold a grudge i just wanted people to know how dear Libs was to me and others then this blog appears which is petty and in my opinion bullying,anyway i am so tired and drained this blog has hurt me deeply and stirred up emotions,last night was last night,today was a new day...... Hopefully be in touch soon with the lovely folks that are still here which of course includes you! Take care xxx


LOL, ok chuck. Im glad i made you smile lol. I thinkk thats y my IBS was bad this morning i went to bed last nite reeling !!!!

I say give me and bullies a pair of boxing gloves and fight it out in the ring, words can be much more harmful. Nite nite chick, sleep well. Speak soon mi nunny Mwa xxxxx :)


Let's hope by the morning it's all gone. I hate bad feelings too, which is why I have done my best today hopefully to avert any bad feelings and channel them into what this site should be about, us fighting as one, as you said also. Help, support, some silly blogs that in the main keep some spirits up.

Glad you stayed and I hope others do too, it's our fibro site.



I just joined yesterday I didn't know it was full of trouble I thought it was foe sick ppl who have same illness to pass on stuff...I don't want to join s one thing where stress is caused..I don't know what a t troubleis and don't wish to there is always troublemakers on every site....getting fed up with internet


littlemisshurty, I was thinking the same myself, feel so down looking at this x


Charlii, I don't know any of the background of all of this ... thankfully ... but I thought your post made perfect sense. Thank you for reminding us that this forum is supposed to be a safe place where we can share, be supportive and find support. I'm so thankful that the admin and volunteers give of their time and expertise to people like you and me. x


It's not full of trouble makers, we strive always to support and give advice and information and share a common goal of making fibro and our days better. There was a bit of upset but please don't leave.

I have been here quite a few months and really enjoy it. Give it a few weeks and see how you feel.


I was wondering where to place this comment right here seems a good place.

Because of my background I have become a pacifist but that does not mean I dont have opinions I just prefer not to stoke up fires.

What I want to put across today is simple the site is made up of admin volunteers and members it is not just the admin and volunteers that are are at fault at any one time if a member falls thru the cracks feels left out angry or upset in any way WE ARE ALL AT FAULT lets be more AWARE of the needs of our fellow members try to answer as many blogs as you can daily even if you just say hiya you.

Knowing someone read your blog makes you feel part of the site petal aka faded blossom


You are not faded at all, your colours are shining through vivid and bright xx


Thank you Petal - wise words as always.

It is up to each and every one of us to make this the place we want it to be.








I may be a fool but im a loyal fool and i havent got more faces than Big Ben!!!!!!

As i was dragged into this infantile witch hunt i am therefore entitled to my opinion!

Just because you have all had your say (albeit through sneaky pm's) you expect everyone to just shut up now and it becomes the "incident that shall be forgotten" well tough! I am not bound over by rules and/or politeness like others are and i shall speak my mind. You try to portray me as a troublemaker but look through all my history on this site and i have never caused or been involved in any arguements but i tried all day yesterday to keep out of it but eventually crumbled last night.

All my friends on here know i am not normally like this but i wont stand for this bullying!

Slate me all you like.........water off a ducks back.......................


Hi Toni, thanks for your post. I, like you am so grateful i found this site, we are all there to help each other when needed or just to offer an ear and comfort and this is how it should be, not falling out and such like.....i left the school playground many years ago and have no wish to return there. We should all be fighting as one against fibro, not at each other.Please take care, gentle hugs....Charlii xx


Not long been a member and was so happy about finding a site full of lovely people who understood and cared about others.Didnt expect to read about conflict which in my experience doesnt help our illness..PLEASE everyone forget forgive.leave it behind ant start sharing what realy matters.P.S.Headache from hell again feel like iv partied for days..god bless xxxxxx


I think it's very sad that there is all this upset on here. I am sorry Libs and PP have felt they had to leave. I don't know the circumstances but there are some very hurt people out there. I will say I don't enjoy having it brought into my house by a private message. I don't read every post and could quite happily have missed all this. I feel all this fighting will make people not want to join the site. Its good name is being harmed. I feel posts are a bit like the television......if you don't like what you see, switch. My thanks to admin, volunteers and bloggers (You have made me wiser and given me a lot of help) so this is for all of you past, present and future. We need to take a collective deep breath. What's done is done. Let's move on everyone, pick up the pieces and start anew. I wish you all a peaceful day.


Hi charli you needed go vent and so you did nothing wrong with that just dont et it re engage and esculate into another bunfight

Have buns coming out ic my ears lol loves ya cyberhugs


hmmmm.....i love buns lol! Will be thinking about them all day now. Thanks for your message petal, its appreciated....(goes off the root through cupboards looking for buns!) xx


send a couple this way when you find them - lol :-)


I completely agree with you. It's sad to hear about what's been going on. I haven't been involved in any way with what's happened. I just hope that things will be resolved. Moffy and vg have given me support and advice over the past few months. Some of the fun blogs are surely just that 'fun'. Its depressing to have to be deadly serious all the time. I was recommended the site by a friend at work and I am still glad that I joined. At present I work in a secure environment and a little light heartedness helos before having to deal with demanding and dangerous people.


Hi Malwimmy, its nice to hear from you. Instances like this are rare thank goodness and we are not normally like this (honest lol!) I dont like conflict and ive never been involved in an arguement on here until now.

I love this site so much, its given me hope when ive felt there wasnt any left, its made me laugh when im down, its answered questions i didnt know the answer too and its given me advice and tips i wouldnt have thought of and i do try to give back to the members too by helping in any way i can.

I have been on this site for a long time and ive seen members and admin come and go which is sad but thats life...people change, people move on. I still think of certain people who i really enjoyed reading about and i miss them but like i said, you have to move on.

Gosh, your job sounds draining, so i dont blame you for looking for a little light heartedness and the silly blogs are just that...silly, but the total nonsense of it all it what makesit funny for me and it also makes me think of something other than this wretched fibro. The titles of the blogs give a clue to their content so if that day you are not in the mood then dont read them, its that simple i think, so people moaning about them is just pointless really.

Please take care and i hope to hear from you again soon....Love, Charlii xx


Um...don't wish to be involved..... This is a private matter between two or three members and should be kept private. Management are quick to stop swearing, politics and religion. I"m surprised private bickering isn't included to that list.

To our new members reading this....part of fibromyalgia is an inability to deal with stress. This is normally a friendly and informative site. Its a calm and safe place to find support. Please don't be put off. X This sort of in-fighting is very rare xxx

We all have our off days xxx



Phew life is to short !!!! bit taken aback to read all this making me a bit wary .


You and me both chicme xx


Hi this site was a real saviour for me,I don't have anyone to turn to most of the time as I have an aging Mother who sadly had to go in a home as I was not able to care for she is fitter than me! :-)

I have had such a lot of help from all of you volunteers and admin and every one else. I really thought something had happened yesterday, or the day before because I had 175 private messages to delete and it did play on my mind that all my new friends might end up with this site closing... I could not find any live feeds either and when I asked why,It was explained that maybe I had ticked a box for posts to stop,then ! I got home today and " hey presto " there they were again x x .I am so glad it is all sorted out as we need to pull together to beat this not apart! :-(

This happy bunny is going to bed now x :-)

Gentle hugs ((((((((((((((( ;-) )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


I just want to add support to whoever is in need. I am not taking 'sides' as I have no idea what's gone on. sadly I dont get time to read all the posts as I actually moderate on another forum so spend most of my day there... it's not health related so won't clash.

we have had problems with members in the past, even adults we fall out with one another, but one thing everyone has to remember when posting on forums, you cannot tell the sentiment behind the written word and it can be interpreted in so many different ways just based on our own personalities for example,

I'm not going to say let all just get on, as you all have a freedom of choice.

I read something at the top about silly blog posts, well, we too on our forum have virtual trips around the world , parties with imaginary food and all sorts, but it's what keeps us going. no one makes anyone join in and I am sure on here it's the same, that any fun is just that harmless fun. and rightly said if you don't like them don't read them.

I really don't have any idea what has gone on, nor feel I need to know, but I just wanted to put my hand up and and show my support... to whoever needs it, but that does not mean I take sides.

I know I don't join in with everything, but try to when I can on some posts, but all I can say is that I have always found anyone I have chatted to to be kind considerate and understanding.

we may all have one thing in common, but what none of know is how good or bad we each are nor our abilities to deal with pain and all that goes with it.

One thing I tell anyone is that stress makes pain please don't get so stressed that you are all making yourself I'll. believe me life is too short for that.

sending hugs to those that need it. Please keep this site the nice happy site it was when I found you all ((((((hugs)))))) xxxxx


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