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If life is not hard enough!

I have had a crap 2 weeks.

Gone past my overdraft and praying that DDs do not bounce.

TV broke. Laptop is so messed up after me trying to fix it. It can do very little past reading mail, reading, replying and posting here without it crashing.

Then fridge freezer packs up. No one coming out for 5 days to ensure all food is off.

Things don't come in threes because I now have a gum infection from a reaction to the plastic on new false teeth. Feels like a mouthful of abcesses and has my ears and glands throbing too. :( I am almost dreading what tomorrow will bring. (probably thrush as I have antibiotics)

So thankful that you guys are here. Could someone please post some jokes or silly fog stories. Love you all xx

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What bad luck FionaP hope today is better for you in every way x gins will hunt out some jokes xx


Omg im sure ur fit to be tied . Everything seems to happen when weve either no cash or strenght left to tackle it. Are you on benefits if so you could apply for a crisis loan or a budget loan to help you fix/replace fridge and food. If you work you could perhaps ask for a sub on your wage. You could also have a look on sites like free cycle where people give away unwanted items everything from house hold goods to clothes gardening tools etc. also try preloved websites for preowned items for sale at reasonable prices and swap sites where you can get items you need by swaping for any unwanted items you may have lying around.

Poor you the gum infection sounds horrendous pls make time to see your dentist again for further treatment and advice. My mum also had a terrible time when she first got falsies it took around 3 months for her mouth to heal and accept them so unfortunetly its a case of waiting nd hoping time will mend things(she swears by the following home remedy mix boiled cooled water with salt nd use daily/nightly and after eating as a mouth rinse - swirl around mouth then spit out, apparently the salt acts as an antiseptic keepin every thing clean nd germ free.

I will try and dig out some jokes and post em later, will also say a wee prayer that things start to look up for you soon. )))))(((((( hugs and warmest wishes being sent to you on angels wings x x Chin up x x Dixie



I have a Tenancy Support lady on my case to sort benefits as they are messed since moving. Slowlt getting there as I am no longer on eviction notice :/

I have a fridge freezer coming now and hope it hits the next month bill for payments :(

I had not thought of salt we used to use it for bad throats when I was young. I am using Corsodyl which is really good, but now using salt water too, just for after every coffee.

The dentist could have helped a little more if she had told me not to mess with it last week. I have been feeling like there is food trapped (because of swelling gum) and been flossing and doing other teeth as well, spreading the infection. Am I thick or what!

It has taken all day for laptop to let me on. I think I have someone (friend of friend) calling next week. Loosing my outside connection is the worst thing. Will scan the blogs for funnies now xx


Ohhhh I hope everything is ok soon, so you want some funny fog moments.......well last friday was one of those days......started with me getting out of bed staggered to the bathroom,cos am stif and pain in feet and tripped over the dog. Then getting dressed, I didn't relised I was a contorinist (sp) until fibro, then used hairspray for deordrant, t then wondered why my porrigae was taking so long, it was cos I put it in a cold oven instead of the microwave, went to pay a bill which I somehow managed to pay, but I forgot where I parked the the time I found it I'd had enough, came home and went to bed, as that was the safest option .....LOL


Oh what a day. We so have to laugh even though it is not funny at all as the day unfolds. Thanks for replying. I hope this weekend brings you fun xx


Hi Fionap,

Sorry you're having such a hard time!

As Claudius said: 'When sorrows come, they come not single spies,but in battalions.'

which I guess was Shakespeare's way of saying that when the sh* hits the fan it tends to do so in enormous quantities!

I think that if you can summon the energy, you need to make an appointment with your bank manager, to explain your difficulties. Banks can be enormously helpful so long as you keep them informed about what's happening, and they're not going to tell you off.

My bank manager has pulled my potatoes out of the fire on numerous occasions with sound advice and a short-term loan when I was stony broke.

I know money doesn't bring happiness, but an acute lack of it can surely make all your problems seem much worse!

Deal with things one at a time, and you'll get there. I do hope you see the light at the end of the tunnel before too long.

Love and squeezles ... Moffy x


Thanks. Isn't it sure to happen like this when only a couple of months back I gifted TVs and a fridge freezer away as I had too much stuff to move into this flat.

I will call my bank Monday and am sure they can help. I will be OK soon as I have money coming, just not soon enough. I had not thought of that, been borrowing everywhere the past 2 months to stop going past my overdraft limit.

It so often takes another to see reason. Have had freinds visit today and even though my mouth is still bad I have some support for all problems (Ahh I sigh)Thanks again, gentle hugs xx.


sorry you're having such a hard time. you might get an analogue tv at a charity shop and maybe a freeview player too. where I live tvs are about £40 and freeview/dvd players are £15.

Joke - the Pope came back from a trip to Ireland. One Cardinal heard he'd been to his home town. "Holy Father, what did you think of County Down"

"Ok" the Pope replied.

"but it's not as good since carol vordermann left."


I have a working tv thanks, Just the good old big one gone.

Thanks and for joke. Have a lovely weekend :) xx


If you want a laugh you should have seen me going for a (rare) swim the other day; I was so tired after 10 mins that when I went to get dressed I couldn't for the life of me get into my bra and get it done up! I was struggling like a landed whale, thought I'd have to get the nice male lifeguard to come and help me. Oh what are we reduced to by fibro. This is in a seaside town, now in the peak of the season, so I cheered myself up by driving through and harassing all the tourists!! Hope things improve for you, x


Ha :) So glad you said this. But did you drive home braless?

I will be going to local pool and hot rooms from next month. It is only accross the road though. I will def take a kaftan now to come home in.

We must all become eccentric, even if we were once wallflowers!

Day 3 of antibiotics. Forced myself into shower, as flies are targeting me instead of rotting fruit! Eww. Dentist expected me to be better today and have another 4 days left for next attack. Sadly takit seems to be getting worse and the tabs are giving me bad stomach and sickness :(

Sun is shining and I'm too dizzy to be in charge of the wheelchair, maybe next weekend I can annoy the tourists.

Fly still wants me. It must be love :)

Hope your day is good xx


Hi Fiona, hi everyone xx

When I read your ongoing problems, Fiona, I was going to say talk to the bank manager and swill your mouth out with salt water. (Whisky also numbs when used as a mouthwash before swallowing, but I wouldn't advocate that on medications unless at wits' end!)

You've had some good advice on here. Hope it was helpful. Am glad that you're partly on the way to being sorted. Freegle is great if you've got transport (or know a burly fella with a van) - I've offloaded lots of stuff on it and am likewise surprised at what gets offered just because people need the space.

Anyway, am rambling. Sending you gentle hugs for the pain you're going through. Please don't ignore your financial situation and talk to the bank - they will help you avoid O/D fees. It's bad publicity for them to persecute a vulnerable person.

We could do with a "like" button on here - that Pope joke was giggleworthy!

Take care one and all xx


Hi. Thanks for your reply.

I am not in such a bad situation as many are.

Just all going at once, with flare ups all the time since moving is getting to me

A burly fella with a van would not go amiss though..

Finanves should be good in just over a week when sale goes through and debts paid.

New F/F in place with a couple ice cream tubs for me and tv used for computer will do just great.

I only just got rid of so much, from such a large house to this little flat, typical eh.

I have taken my laptop back to an earlir date? Still crashiung but does let me on here and read email.

Sad me tho as tabs not working at all. I slept straight after posting yesterday. Left message at dentist for something else and hope I can get it collected/delivered tomorrow I have slept for more than 48 hours over the last week so far!

Good side

Have so much to do before my sister and family arrive next Friday evening, from making space in the little room and finding bedding for there and sofa. Hiding 50+ boxes so they don't get in the way will be fun. I already have a wall of boxes in my bedroom, tastefully draped in throws :)

Like button would be great.

Hope your week is good, Gently hugs xx


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