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Hi everyone!

It's been a while since this has been seen and as I have just used it, in answer to a question, I thought maybe it was a good time to bring up for everyone, especially the newcomers.

The same theory applies to Fibro and many other chronic life changing conditions.

We can be ill and be happy at the same time, the two are not diametrically opposed.

Big Happy Hugs to you all!

kate :)

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Taken a quick look, will read it when more with it :-) Thx for the info. xx


This is really good, Thx for posting it, I hope more people take the time to have a look :-) I will definately be showing this to people.



Kate, I have been very moved by your spoons explanation of Lupus. I had never heard of Lupus until I went to the Fibro pain clinic and then didn't know what it meant to a person like yourself.

You obviously are a person who takes life and Lupus on the chin and then gets on with it!. I applaud you.

Best wishes Sue. x


Hi Suejayjay,

I would love to be able to take the credit for it but I can't. The credit and the Lupus belong to a lady called Christine Miserandino.

I am a Fibro sufferer like you, but I find it a really good tool for making people understand what Fibro is like, as the theory is the same for us.

In the morning when I get up, my lovely husband always asks how I am, so instead of going on about everything that hurts today which understandably used to drag his mood down, now I just tell him how many spoons I have today and that is enough. He doesn't need to suffer for secondary Fibro.

I also show it to people who make smart remarks, or, I give them the web link and they tend to stop doing it.

It is copyright so if you want to reproduce copies to give to people, you would need to ask her permission.

I agree with everything you said and feel the same way. If you wanted to tell her, you could go to this link and tweet her.!/bydls

happy hugs, kate :)


Morning it is 6.00am and I have just read spoons the lady who wrote of her lupus and the daily effects used a quite brilliant yet simple method to show us her pain management. My friends have never wanted to know how it really effects us and some times I suffer from desperate loneliness I wonder how this would help them (is it that they want to understand) Hey ho thankss for the spoons - I appreciate it. xGins


you are more than welcome gins.

happy hugs :)


Excellent!!! Have bookmarked this as I know it will come in handy. Am forwarding the link to a dear friend of mine who has been battling for a diagnosis for 2 years and finally told she has lupus. She's now having to learn how to live with it.


I'm blown away! I will use 'spoons theory' it's so brilliantly simple for very complex conditions that can impact on every aspect of daily life, and how to help loved ones who need to understand, or even seem frustrated when you cannot keep up! :)


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