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medical for ESA

Just received my summons to the medical.I live in Bed ford & It's in luton which would mean taking a taxi,walking a fair way through the station getting on train then another taxi and the same in reverse after.

Now I haven't walked that far even with crutches for at least 5 months.and I'm also suffering from depression which makes me anxious and stressed.

Am I within my rights to ring ATOS and ask them to send someone to my home instead?

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yes i really think you are.i suffer with depression bad and wish i had asked them to come out to me.

plus if you went to them in there eyes not ours they would fail you straight away for making the journey there and getting there too.

so yes dont go to them .let them work for there money and come to you.

and make sure you show them all your evidence and have your meds all laid out.

dont let them throw a pen or owt to the floor as i went to pick it up silly me..

try and have someone at home with you as a witness and just for your own well being.its very stressful.

good luck let us no how it goes...x


Thanks,it.s in October,I'll let you know!


Yup yup yup most deffinately get a home assesment... The second you get there no matter if you could afford a taxi or if it was 10 mins away they will count that against you as being able to get out and about

Good luck

VG x


They will ask for your GP's opinion if you request a home visit, so make sure you have him / her on side before contacting Atos .

Good luck !


Can you not insist on a home visit. If I had that far to travel I certainly would. I think they do it deliberately to make you travel and then use it against you. We have a perfectly good court here in Ormskirk where tirbunals could take place, yet we have to go all the way to Wigan to an out of the way court where you have to drive round in circles just to find the car park. Whilst they take all the use of the nearest carpark at the court for their vehicles. I think it is disgusting that you have been expected tot ravel that far in any typew of transport.

Good luck in getting a home visit xxxxx


I think I saw that you can ask for you, how on earth do the expect you to travel like that, I know what you mean about feeling anxious and depressed, blooming awful, feel like that most of the time myself, I just wish they were'nt so hard on us all and just accept we are so ill we dont need to go for any appointment, and they would visit us with notice, every 6 years, to see if we are any better, and give us more benefits if we are worse or the same, (a hefty increase, I mean how about a £40, increase, probably the way the cost of everything is increasing all the time we'd doubly need it,

Good luck anyway and hope it goes good, take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


thanks everyone x.


I saw my Dr yesterday,she was lovely and said she'd write a letter for ATOS and she'd writen lots of letters for people unable to go to medicals with ATOS


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