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Well the day has arrived - my medical is in about 3 hours, I've been awake all night mostly due to fibro pain but also due to the stress of today. I feel sick with nerves and worry - I know its in the hands of the gods now but wish we weren't put in this position. I would dearly love to be in a position where I was out of pain and able to work.......oh well. My benefit due to be paid tomorrow is it true that will probably be stopped automatically? Also am wondering how long before I get a decision as after April we have no right of appeal have we. Big hugs to everyone xx

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  • Good luck. One word of advice, take a notebook and pen and write down what they say if you can. Sometimes we go into these type of meetings feeling tense and then can't remember what is discussed. Write down your answers too. Ask them to repeat things. Read it back to them and ask if what you have written is a good representation of what has been said. Can you take a friend into these meetings?

    This advice comes from helping my daughter cope with social services.

  • Remember, if you worked before and if you go back to work it is your who, through your taxes, that pay their wages. Be confident but ACT weak. Play them at their game.

  • Awww thanks for your advice, I can no longer drive so my daughter and husband are coming with me x

  • Good luck. Will be thinking of you. Glad you'll have company. Let us know how you get on.

    Comforting, supportive hugs Saskia XX

  • Yes, Good luck mo 1967 in your assessment today, I notice you mentioned that after April there is no right of appeal......... I have'nt heard anything about this.Can you or anyone else share more about this. ??

    Would be very worrying if we cant challenge our claims at the tribunal service.......

    Hope things go well for you.............

  • It has been in the news :( will let you know I get on xx

  • I just got back was in the medical assessment for about 55 mins, I had it recorded, she told me twice whilst trying the physical assessment it is obvious you are in a lot of pain......I did say well I don't want to appear uncooperative - oh no says she this medical isn't to trip you up.....she says I will hear within 4 now wait and worry. Xx

  • Every on has the right to appeal against a decision. I think it's part of the human rights act (or it should be, haven't checked).

    I know you can only appeal once on each claim. So if you've appealed and lost your claim. You can still but in a new claim form for DLA/PIP and start again.

  • oh. bad spelling. 'One' and 'but' should be 'put'

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