Feeling sleepy all the time

Does anyone else feel sleepy all the time with Fibromyalgia? I missed my guitar lesson because I couldn't stay awake & only realized it was Wednesday @ about 7.30pm when I woke from my slumber... am I the only one this happens too? I know it can be down to the idiopathic Hypersomnia but I'm guessing Fibro doesn't help...

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  • Hi, I have always suffered with insomnia, I managed quite well until my daughter was old enough for me to return to study and eventually work, which is when I really noticed that I continually felt fatigued, struggling to wake up, fighting to stay awake at the most inappropriate times, and constantly chasing to make anything on time. This went on for more than 10yrs before my fibromyalgia diagnosis. And although I always suffered with pain from childhood I only ever took medication when I was in complete spasm and then I would only take ibuprofen. I was not on any pain meds when the fatigue really kicked in because other than not really being a fan of pills, what I had been taking wasn't helping. Therefore, I do not think that the meds have as much to do with the fatigue as does the condition.

    I would say of the various conditions I have it is the fibromyalgia which causes that completely draining fatigue most, clearly the insomnia doesn't help either. Unfortunately, this is another disruptive aspect of the condition that we have to try and work with.

    All the best Lia

  • On sleepabout.com it says if you forget to wear ur actiwatch and leave it on a desk it will display that your sleeping is this true?

  • we don't have restful sleep most of the time.

    I slept most of the day and thought it was tuesday!

  • advance

    Thanku for sharing your thoughts, indeed what you describe was exactly how I was before I was diagnosed with fibro, the battling to stay awake, feeling fatigues & tired nearly all the time, so it does sound that it is related to fibro... I know I have other conditions but I'd of thought with the medication I am on, it would get better, apparently not.

    You are so right when you say all we can do is try to work with the conditions as they present themselves...

    God Bless


  • sandra99b

    That's been me today too Sandra... I missed my guitar lesson today because I fell asleep, I thought it was Tuesday too until I checked the callander....


  • I have CFS too. Feeling totally and completely shattered is a good day.

    My sleep pattern is all to pot. Sometimes I'm suffering from insomnia, other times I'm sleeping for 20 hours a day. I'm retired now with grpwn up children at home ... so for the most part I go with the flow - the last few days have been sleepy days.

    I have to babysit my grand-daughter tomorrow for a couple of hours - looking forward to having her all to myself :-)

    Julie xx

  • i 2 suffer the same.i can be so unreliable.i never no hw i Will sleep .find hard 2 make plans and stick 2 them.last nite went sleep at 11pm gt up having 2 force myself at 4pm.i slept well.but felt like i had nt had any sleep.climped back in2 bed at 6.30pm.only being up 2 and half hrs.just felt so tired.woke 11.30pm.had 2 wake up or mybody would hurt so much if i didn't.laying in bed 2 long i would have ended up waking up in pain.so nw back 2 sleep.hugs 2 u all x

  • hi. i too feel very sleepy all the time, i have to rest durin the day. i dont work now as i just dont have the energy. x

  • Hi, I am the same. there is not a a day or hour that I'm not tired. I could just sleep Any where.

    I really hate it, if i go out for a coffee and go out for a hour, i come back and fall to sleep. but saying that I don't sleep well at night. I have no social life any more. I am always in pain, and tired.

  • If i dont use my actiwatch and leave it on my desk will it record that im sleeping?

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