worrying all the time

i,ve come on here so i can say whats worrying me . i cannot say it out loud because that will make it real if you can make sense of that . i have been ill for 5 years , my eldest daughter has MS and her legs are getting worse and i,m heartbroken would change places in the blink of an eye if i could , now my wonderfull hubby is sick and is bleeding somewhere in his body and hes back at the hospital for more tests on his bowel and stomach I feel like everything is going wrong and i don,t feel strong enough to get through this and to go through with my esa appeal , Thank god for this site x

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  • Ahh all the best keep ur chin up lv x

  • Big hugs to you ~ every good wish. xx

  • I am so so sad for you to be going through all of this on your own.You must tru to get some support,wat about your gp maybe they could refer you to a councillor,or a social worker.I know some of them gt bad press bt most are really nice. i think u can look them up in phone book,n give them a call.I know someone who did this,n it was the best thing foe them. she. gt a really nice social wrker who also helped with benefits,. Do u hve any family that could help you? please try to stay positive,and keep in touch with us. I will say a wee prayer for you.I'm not overly religious but i think we all need something in our. lifes to hold on to.hugs to you n your family. t

  • hello sandra so sorry that you and your family are having such a hard time you should try and get some help sweetheart I wish you all the best and keep in touch take care love beth x

  • Thinking of u

  • thank you was feeling so down at the time and thank you all again you,ve made me feel less alone xx

  • Oh Sandra, you and your family are really having a terrible time and i wish i could help in a practical way but i cant, but i just want to say that my thoughts are with you all at theis difficult time and you seem like a close family so just cling to each other and be there and if theres any justice in this world things should start to get better for you. Gentle hugs...Charlii x

  • thank you so much xxx

  • Bless you Sandra, my goodness me you have a lot on your plate right now. Worrying about your hubby and your daughter too whilst not being well yourself is such a lot to handle.

    It might be a good idea to pop along and have a chat with your GP about the pressure you are under at the moment. Perhaps a course of antidepressants might help you along the way a bit, it doesn't have to be forever, just enough to bolster you up a bit right now. If you are already on antidepressants then perhaps the dose needs altering just enough to give you a bit of a prop, this will make you feel more on top of things and more able to cope.

    Please be assured that we are here for you at any time. We can be a shoulder to lean on or an ear to bend, so please feel free. We are always happy to help in any way we can.

    Wishing you all the best for the results for your hubby. I understand your feelings as a mum for your daughter, I have three children and I would gladly trade places with them sooner than them having anything themselves. Bless you. xx

    Here's a hug for you my dear. ((( hug ))) xxxx

  • thank you so much xxx

  • Morning Sandra,

    It is true we can say things on here we would not say in reality for fear they may come true- I am so sorry your daughter is having such severe problems, my heart goes out to her. And your poor OH is suffering I do hope and pray they can stop the bleeding. So your job is to be there for them both as you always are and of course to battle Mr Fibro. There are times when this life we lead is so hell ish so I send you love and courage hang on and your fortitude and love will help them through..

    Any time you need some where to vent your anger or just to chat we are here to help take care of yourself they need you xgins

  • thank you so much xx

  • Hi Sandra

    I agree with the above!

    However never forget the importance of me time. You need a top up of a little self TLC. Once you are topped up with Tender Loving Care you can give it out. Don't feel you have to keep strong for them, feel you need to be happy for them. If you can smile through the pain they well feel better & so well you.

    Q. So how can you do that?

    A. Do something you like doing. Steep in a hot bath, go to the hairdressers & get that new hairstyle you have always promised yourself. Or get out the knitting if that's your thing.

    I like to be a little decadent & paint my nails or write a poem. You don't have to be good at the things you do. Or worry what others think, just enjoy something. Give yourself a bit of TLC.


    BIG hugs x

  • thank you so much i will do that but i need to find out on monday what my hubby brian is up against fingers x its not bad thank you for your good advice xxx

  • I know exactly what you mean about saying things aloud make it real, but that is the best thing to do with support of course. I have a journal and I write things in that but both good and bad so I can see the contrasts. I lost my only son when he was 26 through illness and felt so out of control but speaking to a councellor did help a lot. I still need to sometimes re express my sorrow some 20 years later. I choose people I can trust and feel comfortable with. I do hope you find some comfort and support.

  • Awwww ((hugs)) stay strong <3 xx

  • thank you so much xx

  • Awwww bless you stay strong and try to keep positive,hope things get better soon.

    Big gentle hugsxx

  • thank you so much xx

  • Hi Sandra, sorry to hear your family are having health problems, I agree with the person who said to have some ME time, its so true,if you feel you want to be strong for everyone else, you have got to think about yourself aswell,and be right mentally if not physically.I know its not in our nature as wives and mothers to think of ourselves but sometimes needs must.

    If you can off load your worries and fears onto someone else, YOU will feel better.

    Dont worry about your ESA appeal, im sure you will get lots of help on here if you need that.

    Take care and dont feel guilty because you cant fix everything, youre only human lol. x

  • thank you so much i just want monday over so we know what my husband brian is up against they are giving him tests and telling us results same day and once again thank you xx

  • I will be thinking about you both tomorrow, im not religious but I will have you in my thoughts tonight, and I will say a little prayer for you. Let us know what happens if you can face it xx :)

  • thank you all for your thoughts about my hubby it was good news his bowel and stomach are clear just inflammation xxx

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