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Feel Sleepy? well I did, Then I have started with Amitriptaline NOW I KNOW WHAT TIRED IS!!

I know in the long run that the tiredness will ease and then the pain blocker will start. Here is hoping. Last night was my second dose of just 10mg to start with. My Dr says she can up it if its a success but I still feel pain. Is this a miracle drug? Will I be able to go back to work?

Who else has tried this? and Has it been a success for them?

IS there a miracle drug out there?


Ever the optimist, Flips xxxxxxxx

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Hi Flips, After being in pain for a few weeks and having to keep taking time off work or being sent home from work, I went to the doctors and after several test etc..I was diagnosed with Fibro, my doctor was great and handed me a prescription and said don't worry just take these at night and once we get the dosage right you will soon be back to normal, feeling more than a little relieved that I was not destined to live with this awful pain, tiredness and foggy head I went off home chirpy to tell my hubby that this was just a temporary illness and I would soon be back to my old active self, enjoying our long walks over the purbecks, back to my job in a supermarket running around helping shoppers and staff alike, I couldn't wait, that was 8yrs ago and I am still waiting, unfortunately amitriptyline is NOT a miracle cure, it does have a small effect on my sleep pattern and pain threshold.

But don't loose heart as it does have a better effect on some people than others and hopefully you will be one of the lucky ones, but just prepare yourself that it could be a long rocky road before you find the dosage that suits you, and it may be a while before you can return to work in a normal capacity, but never ever forget that we are all here for you and we all know how you feel, always know you can come on here for support, advice, a pick me up or just a good old moan.

I don't come on often most of the time just to read others post's so I know I am not alone in my illness and there are others that feel just like me xxxxx

(((((gentle hugs))))) Kim


Thank you KimLH I know I shouldn't be under any illusion of a 'cure' but in theory it sounds magnificent! Fingers crossed xx any lesser pain would be a plus tho xxx


Personally I found the amitriptyline did work to ease the pain. But I felt doped up most of the day and it was hard to do anything. Ive now going to use it for when I have problems sleeping.



yeh i feel dopey..well more than usual! hoping it settles down xx

I sleep better (for the last 2 nights) but I feel sooooo tired, yesterday I was in bed for most of it!


I came off amatriptyline. It turned me into a zombie. I was so doped up I couldnt function on any useful way at all. Hope you have better luck with it than I did



I am on 20mg per day of amatriptyline and it has really helped. It took a few weeks to kick in ( 2 weeks at 10mgs) then up to 20. Its no miracle drug but it has made it possible for me to get through work and sleep a lot better than without it. It does make me groggy some mornings but most days that wears off.

Anything that helps is worth a try.

I hope it helps you too and your life feels a little more like it was before.

Good Luck


Thnx guys. It helps to know the positive and negatives I think. I do feel kinda spacey but less so today than I did yesterday. Lets hope each day improves? I dont feel as achy today but is that just luck, coincidence, psychosomatic or just my fibro's rare 'day off'??? I will keep ya all posted, thanks for your input ladies xx much appreciated xx


Hi I'm the same as Marzy. I have bin on it 9 years now, and each time I come off it, I know about it as my main symptoms return. You will take a few weeks before you can look back and see the benefit, so keep on it 10mg is a low dose and the side effects are worth it when u consider the side effects of other night time aids and painkillers. I now don't feel as drowsy in the mornings as I did initially.

I'm still looking for a natuaral alternative, as Ami works in a different way to natural sleep aids like Nytol or Valerian etc. I tried 5HTP which has been great for the depression and energy, but still can't replace the Ami for the muscle relaxing though.

One thing to bear in mind is because it is a muscle relaxant at low doses, you may get more acid reflux as the muscle at the top of the stomach relaxes more, and that can keep waking you at night with coughing as the acid irritates the gullet. thing is , it doesn't feel like that at the time, so can be quite confusing - but keep your mind on that, cos I was finally given an acid suppressant for this which was a godsend. Now I can eat almost anything and not have the acid anymore!! :-)

Good luck! Glenys


all good tips. thank you Glenys xx


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