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I,m an idiot and maybe something some of you didn't know

As I was saying to fairy... I have had extreme diahorrea for 4 weeks now I thought it was an ibs flare up my OH thought he had given me food poisoning my gp said gastroenteritis and wanted me to go for colonoscopy as it was not clearing up. Then I found out what it was ... 4 weeks ago I cut my caffiene right down to 1 cup in the morning and then drank lots of bottled flavoured water..... Found out today it has the artificial sweetner sorbitol in it which in large quantities like I was drinking acts as a laxative for people with ibs. Duhhhh. I blame fibro fog ... Never thought to check the bottle labels earlier.... Stopped drinking it 6 hours ago and already seeing an improvement. Feel free to shout idiot at me when you see me lurking on here.

VG xx

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I laugh only as i am just as daft, i have had to give up coffee and drink mainly just water and still have no relief for my IBS but hey somebody has to be full of shit may as well be me hehe. MInd i have just had a chocolate horlicks so not that pure ( if only you knew -OOh la la)

It does amaze me the stuff that are in the things we eat so many additives etc no wonder our bodies react. Any way i'm blethering on, Hope all goes well and you feel well soon xx Rachie


I been on Minstrels and hobanobanis dunkin in my tea lol



Just taken me ages to work out what "hobanobanis" Lol


Ohhh VG very Silly lol bless you .. The things that we never realise well its a lesson and i will watch that too!! As i drink flavour water too.

I just bought some Pink lemonade Lucozade as tummy been badly ..

Must be IBS seee you season .

Still a bit tetchy . I think like uou as it really is like food poisoning!!!

I have suffered food pousoning with my Glandular fever so i do know the feeling.

Will we ever get it perfectly balanced hmmmm lol

Xxxxcazzie xx


Yea when they take out all the additives out of our food and drinks lol


Have you IBS sufferers tried cutting out the following. High fibre. Wheat. Dairy. Soya.

I spent 10years with heartburn and the runs until I cut that whole list out of my diet. The volcano has been tamed and it feels so good!


Yeah i cut them out long time ago had IBS 24yrs now .. I love weetabix & shreddies now and then though x


thankyou VG for the warning , who would have thought good old water albeit flavoured could make you so ill, hoping you have a very quick recovery J xx


Lol I've never heard of sorbitol.

I too have cut down on cafine & replaced it with water & diluted juice......must check fir sorbitol as I've been a bit off n had a couple of unexpected accidents. Cant believe I've shared this info but I'm sure its happened to a lot of people lol.




Oh the shame of that moment when you haven't made it lol my worst was when i was wearing a beautiful white indian summer skirt and i was needing so bad but had half a mile to get back to my house ( didn't drive back then so walked ) and was doing well till i got in my back door and my other back door decided close enough and well what can i say .... i no longer have that much loved dress.

ASPARTEMIN !! that was it was trying to think , that's another one that is bad for you it is in practically anything diet and i find it lethal .



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