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Can an occupational therapist be ur representative for DLA tribrunial

Hi there

Hope ur all havin a good day

Well I got the usual no after ma atos medical, he claimed I don't need help for anything so now it's on to tribrunial. I have an occu thearapist will she come with me, she can explain why I can't get out of bed without help etc but do they do representative or who ? .

I have worked since I was 12 at stables ( unpaid) I have never claimed a benifit in my life , now that I'm I'll I can't work , but I'm bein made to feel lazy liar ect only u s no how I feel it's terrible .

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hi,i have an occu thearpist..she wrote a letter for me but they took no notice of it or my docs letter so i was turned down..after that i rang them and told them that they have not taken into account my letters from my gp or they changed it to middle rate care lower mobilty..i don't know if your ot would go with you if not ask for a letter from her with all the infor ..and get as much infor as you can..i hope this helps you a bit good luck to you.

bob xx


Thanks very much, it's so hard to no wat to do. Thanks take care


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