Hi I have a really aggressive case of multiple sclerosis along with depression and anxiety mostly due to have m.s. I was diagnosed with m.s just after I found out I was having a baby but had been suffering for the age of 16 with all the symptoms from m.s and being carried home by strangers off passing out but not knowing I had it. I am now 21 and I applied for DLA 2 years ago and I got declined so I went forward with a tribunal. Even at the tribunal I got rejected even though I still suffer every day, I can't walk without help, I still have falls, weakness and pain in my body, no strength, vision problems now and again and dizyness. Not just that but with depression and anxiety I can't leave the house without my mother otherwise I have a panic attack and she has to be with me incase I have a relapse, test I still got tuned down due to the fact I was pregnant at the time I applied and being pregnant keeps the m.s at bay which I think is disgraceful and so said a lot of people even professionals. I have now claimed p.i.p which I claimed for May 2014 and just 3 days ago I had my meeting with the specialist who writes the repot and even she said she can see how bad I am and how hard it is for me and she thinks it's disgusting what DLA did to me. I am now waiting to hear back from DWP for my decision so do hires crossed. When I was at the DLA tribunal I'm going to bring up that the way they tret me and spoke to me was disgusting they were treating me like a criminal and like it was an interrogation, I think they need to sort there priorities out because they are awarding people who have nothing wrong with then and can cope fine and then people like me and yous they are throwing to the ground and I've had enough of it because we are the ones that need it. My mother had to make me apply for DLA in the first place because I am scared of people and confrontation and them I get tret like that, I was a nervous wreck for months after that tribunal, same principle with p.i.p my mother had to beg me to apply for this, now if I was applying for it for faulse illness then why did I have to be pushed to apply tell me that. Fingers crossed I win this time.

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  • Sophie, That is really nasty of them!

    I believe all this stress could have a very negative impact on your condition.

    Do remember it is not the condition but how the condition effects you that the benefit is paid for and I think they should have taken your pregnancy into full consideration. The only thing that matters is cutting their budget, the suffering doesn't mater.

    Best Wishes, Ray

  • It dose affect my life which is also affecting my sons life because I can't do the things I want to do with him and he's only 1 and it breaks my heart I feel like I can't give him what other children have because I can't so stuff.

  • Sophie, my heart goes out to you.

    Dealing with any condition where there is loss of ability and uncertainty of the problems ahead is very difficult, especially when you are so young yourself and with a baby.

    I do hope your receiving some counselling.

    There are certainly many similarities to what people with MS and Fibro suffer so I think we all understand to one degree or another some what you are going through at present.

    MS like Fibro can be difficult to diagnose and can sometimes take many years for a full diagnosis to be made of either condition.

    Many people with MS have been wrongly diagnosed with Fibro and visa versa. I'm sure your aware of this having arrived at a Fibro support site.

    The fact that there is so much confusion and frustration around the whole system of benefits at present causes so much stress with all who are dependant on them help ease their situation; this is very frightening for many especially elderly people who are alone.

    I think Atos have had so much bad press that they have had to try and find a more neutral position but any company that is only paid a professional fee for refusing a benefit is always going to be biased to a greater degree.

    This is the way the system is at present and it is very unfair.

    The fact that you are no longer hormonally assisted by pregnancy may help the Dr see your difficulties.

    You can only put forward your claim and try to explain how you are effected by the condition in the hope that your medical evidance will support you and your claim be successful.

    I wouldn't hold my breath with the way things are at present and I would be ready for an appeal if I were you!

    Best Wishes, Ray

  • Hi Sophiebell93

    Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. My wife has Primary Progressive MS, so we are both very distraught to read of your plight, and of your suffering. We both want to wish you all the best of luck from our very souls, and we will keep our fingers crossed that you can win!

    If it helps lift your confidence and enthusiasm for your outcome, my wife was recently awarded enhanced rate on both counts. So good luck with your claim and please let us know what happens?

    All our hopes and dreams for you

    Ken & Julie x x

  • Hi Ken,

    Sorry to hear about your wife suffering with M.S.

    Have you or anyone known people to be given diagnosis of fibromyalgia only later on to be told it's M.S.

    It's just my condition is definitely getting worse?

  • Hi Lottieonline

    I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way. Since I have been on the forum, I have only come across one member who was firstly diagnosed with Fibro and then after a brain MRI it was changed to MS.

    If you have not had an MRI of the head, it may be worth discussing this with your GP or Medical Specialist, as in my wife's case, she went for a MRI and it came back showing lesions on her brain. She initially went along with walking problems and severe back pain which lead to a loss of balance.

    I want to wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thank you so much, I am not wanting the money for money's sake I need it to help me and also to give my son a better life which the money would help a lot with.

  • I also suffer from progressive m.s and I am also posative for jcv virus which is really killing me I'm so scard

  • Hi again

    I can genuinely understand what you are going through with all of this. My wife gets very depressed and anxious contemplating the future. We are lucky on one count, our two children and both grown up now and we are grandparents so we do not have the financial liability of a family to worry about where you have.

    Please take care of yourself and we genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to your situation.

    All our hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x x

  • Have you contacted any of the MS charities to ask for assistance with your applications?

    When it comes to completing forms for PIP etc it is best to seek advice and help from the likes of a charity specific to MS or your local CAB who have someone who knows how to word answers to the questions - sometimes using the right words of explanation can make a difference. Not every CAB does, but they may also have someone who can provide support for and at tribunals (one local to me does & it was extremely helpful).

  • hi hunny I had the same problem so I went to c.a.b and they helped me do the forms they are really good now I get top rate on both try them fingers cross for you much love and hugs darling DON'T GIVE UP. xx

  • Hi, I'm really sorry for the way you've been treated and a member of my family has Primary Progressive MS. But please don't blame other vulnerable people by saying "they are awarding people who have nothing wrong with then and can cope fine". In fact the fraud rate for disability benefits is as low as it can possibly be. None of us know what another suffers because are illnesses are largely invisible and I would not want anyone to judge me like that. It is the government's fault and the bankers and the one per cent of rich people who have caused this austerity for the rest of us. The government want you to turn on other disabled people so that they can justify more cuts and they have won if you then help them do their work with comments like that.

  • Hi this is for people who are on p.i.p, I have just had my appointment with the specialist last Tuesday 13th and I was just woundering if...

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