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Hya all,I'm. A newbie to this site x

Hello to you all,ive had lower back pain for years,followed by restless legs,insomnia,depression.anxeity,panic attacks,but now as I've. Got older,this past 2 years I've had chronic,numb tingling constant pain,s in my back and legs,I find it hard to get up in the mornings,I'm now.getting pains in my neck down my left arm,I've done a lot of research and read up on fibormaligia,I've explained it to my doctor and she said I could suffer from it,put me in loads of pills and morphin patches,I'm still feeling the pain,she's recommend me to the pain clinic as they would say,no one is giving me answer,s I don't know what to do anymore x

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Keep pushing and ask to be refered to an arthritis doctor (sorry, brain hasn't quite kicked into gear yet and i can't spell the specialist name lol). They should hopefully run further tests and possibly xrays and give you a diagnosis.

Your doctor doesn't sound all that helpful to be honest. It is hard and it took me nearly 2 years to be finally given a name that didn't mean i was going mad and imagining all of my symptoms.

Welcome to the club :-)


Morning and welcome to the site you are doing every thing you can you could ASK FOR REFERRAL TO rHUEMATOLOGY clinic (didn't mean to put the caps on silly me). It is a tremendous relief when you discover you are not bonkers and all the pains actually stem from Fibro. This site is really good enjoy it , looking forward to your Blogs take care xgins


Hi morning and welcome .... Little early for me too... Must check bed see if brain is under pillow...waves blearily can,t find glasses either. But yeah find a good gp and see who gins said :)


I agree with gins, you need to ask for a referral to Rhuematology they are much better informed and will diagnose you pretty much on the spot. Some hospitals run a clinic course to help sufferers like us cope with our condition and life style. iT'S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD THOUGH. Your life will go on and you will learn to live with some of the conditions. I was diagnosed with Fibro and CF 7 years ago and It's not a bundle of laughs learning to cope, but you will because you have to.

I am now a 24/7 carer for my sick husband and I am so dog tired and the pains I have are not so important now and I know they will not kill me.

Good luck friend, hope you get support and help very soon.


hi there welcome to the site,unlike some i was not give a diagnosis by the rhuematology but the pain clinic here in liverpool's walton centre why the rhue could not find the fibro i don't know he was more interested in the osteoarthritis but sent me to the pain clinic and it was there that i got told 100% it is fibro as well as all the other things i have wrong with me i took 5 years to be told but never give up i think doctors are looking at fibro with more interest now . as for the pain try i memory foam pillow its a bit of expense but i have found that it help me also just make sure that if you have any falls or drop thing tell your doctor it all help if you put in for any benefits sending soft huggs


In the meantime it's worth looking at the Dr Myhill site and fibromyalgia UK. There are lots of treatment options. I personally wouldn't tough pain medication other than paracetamol occasionally, or anti depressants. Instead I work on limiting the toxins I put on my body and cut out aspertame, msg, caffiene, yeast, wheat, dairy and nightshade veggies. Looking for my triggers has meant a major reduction on pain. I also take magnesium but have had to play with dosage and time of day taking it. It can lower blood pressure and make you loose. For me 300mg (1 tablet ) last thing at night does the trick. I also take a good multi bit and min. The other beneficial thing is exercise. I also have chronic fatigue so this can be difficult. I can't swim unless I find a warm pool. Walking is good. I've just discovered qi gong which is a form of tai chi. I found a u tube film showing the 18 movements so I can do them before bed . Brilliant x

The treatment I get I have to pay for bit is really beneficial. It's a combination of acupuncture, bio resonance and homeopathy. more recently I've found far infra red, which works at detoxing the system. Again it works for me x

Good luck with your search for works for you. We have turn detective. GP's really have little knowledge on this one x


Hi i went to the pain clinic a few weeks ago, i had been there 14yrs ago but my doctor said i should give it another go. I have been put on to a pain managment course, i'm waiting to be told when the course starts. But the doctor told me that i was on the best tablets for fibro. They are Pregabalin & amitriptyline, I have been on the amitriptyline for years i have those for sleeping i'm on 200mg & 600mg of pregabalin. I don't know if that will be any use for you. Good luck


if doc told to go to pain management they will help you to deal with pain i'm on gabapentine for restless legs(shakey/spasims) and amitryptiline for sleep i run a support group in portsmouth area if you need any more details look on website


Welcome ! It sounds as if you have a trapped nerve,with the tingling in your legs and your doctor is putting it all down to Fibromyalgia.Have to ever had further investigation into your back problem ? Like a MRI ? The reason I mention it, is because I have degenerative faulty disc's in my lumber region of my back,with narrowing of my spinal canel,with sciatica in both my buttocks giving me tingling 24/7 down my legs,and pins and needles in my hands.I found out how bad my back was when I booked a private MRI,I did have to tell my GP as the x-rays were been sent to him,but I have them now,I went private because I was worried about my health and the only date I could get a MRI on the NHS was a year away......

It was after I had my back injury some years,that I was diagnosised with Fibromyalgia,under active thyroid and immune system wasn't doing its job,it was attacking my body !! Nasty bugger !

I know doctors are not educated enought about Fibro,but please don't let him/her put you on medication without asking about the side effects,because you may find that the side effects are what you already have and you certainly dont want any new one's.I do hope this is of some help,from another sufferer.



Sorry you're having all these problems. You certainly fit the general profile for FMS. Your GP says it 'could' be fibroyalgia but she really needs to refer you to a specialist for proper diagnosis. It is a difficult condition to diagnose, particularly when you have other problems with symptoms that cross-over. There are specific tests for FMS. Hopefully you will get the help and support you clearly need.

Very best wishes X


Morning and welcome,

I also agree with gins too. Rheumatology referral is the place to start. if you feel ignored change GP's. Their not tn pain, you are. Do what's best for you, don't be afraid of "hurting" doctors' feelings. I still think there's a lot of docs out there, who don't believe in fibro!

This is a nice board with loads of helpful and supportive folks. Welcome 5exy1, try to keep positive (I know bullshit answer lol) and look out for yourself.

charlie xx


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