Dont know why i bother going Doctors, more help here ! so here goes , i have a swelling in the ovary area it feels heavy stinging and dragging when i stand for a while , i asked could it be my cyst back she said that was in the right abruptly , with that i shut down ,she asked me twenty questions about forthcoming app for ENT and Mri i could not remember the dates and started to stutter and make a complete fool of myself, feel so low , yesterday i had pin n needles in my face and lips like when you have dentist injection and tingling arms < i have been having terrible head pains too . all you want is someone to at least sound like they care :-(

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  • ah thanks Jules ,no i didnt frightened too , she said as i walked in i referred you to gyne ,i said im not here for that , she abruptly said ,no im just telling you ! I felt like a piece of dirt on her shoe climbing up to be examined , only to be told , i dont knoe it could be your fibro leave it see if it goes lol nine lump there too :-(

  • , weve all been there, I look like an idiot half the time I see my gp,what I find helps now is to give them all a list of my symptoms, as soon as I go in, then if I cry and stutter or whatever I tend to do, at least Im armed with that, if its a long list Ill give it in a few days before appointmant,

  • not blooming fair is it ,we shouldnt feel a pain in th neck x

  • just a thought, I always find the practise nurse has more time to listen to me. can you make an apt with them, you need this sorted asap,

  • yes will try that :-)

  • Aww im sorry your feeling so down But if its any consolation I too have been there and feel like im wasting the doctors time..I know how you feel.I was at the doctors only yesterday and gave him a reel of my symptoms only to come home no better off after spending almost an hour and a half in the surgery waiting..I was diagnosed with Fibro ten yrs ago..You have all my sympathy x :(

  • I said to her i dont want to just think oh everything is fibro ,we must check musnt we .i said sorry to bother you and walked out i was being sarky she said thats ok ,lovely lady shes so miserable and un happy in her job ! heard her say wish i could run from here once . thanks Gandalf xx

  • I had a cyst 6cm they keep bursting and by the time they operate gone ! x

  • my last gp put my seizures done as a headahe, my broken back as back ache oh I could go on, my hubby had a breakdown last year due to my illness, [I always told him, if ever he had to do anything around the house he d crac and he did,she offered no help at all, if your gp wont listen to you please dont leave it as late as I did to change

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