The job centre grrr

Well as my RC has been denied i had to go to my local job centre to sign on for JSA.

As i can not trust any so called professional i took my friend with me for surport only problem was they wouldn't allow her to stay with me and i was told to make my way upstairs and wait to be called,the stairs are not very good when your shaking inside and you can feel a panic attack coming on..So i took my seat and was asked to fill in a form about what job I'm looking for, my mind went blank and i seriously needed to run and get out of this situation but my name was called and i really tried to keep my emotions under control but I'm embarrassed to say i had a melt down. Why am i in this situation i've got fibro with all the pain that comes with our illness, arthritis osteoarthritis depression anxiety and PTS...and now I've got to look for a job if I need to live.. the poor young man who was across the table from me tried so hard to calm me down and disappeared a few times maybe hoping that that by the time he came back i would've sorted myself out, I have to say he really was a lovely young why am I in this situation??? Because an assor turned everything i said around and the RC decided i needed to get back to work...sorry for the long message but i needed to say what's in my head..gentle hugs to you all xxx

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  • That's horrendous what's happening now can't you ask them to consider looking again at your situation and try for a support group get more evidence from your gp or health care workers

  • Now need to go to tribunal and fingers crossed that the assessment is overturned 😠😢so fed up with how we are treated but with friends on fibro we don't have to fight alone..xx

  • That's horrendous, I truly hope something good happens.

  • I really hope this is sorted at tribunal, it's disgusting how we're treated and made to look like nothing wrong with us. We would all love to be well and live a normal life but we can't, we're ill and need support, fight it all the way, love and wishes to you xx

  • They need to change this sytem. I know I was called in and saw a Disability Advisor he said when I was well I would have been more qualified to do the job than him. He said he had been quietly observing me when I was waiting and he could see that I was in extreme pain and would recommend that he thought it would not be possible for me to hold down a job but they don't even listen to their own staff.

    Hopefully if you go to Tribunal they will see how ill you are. If you saw that secret filming they did some time back on the TV when a doctor who was really worried about how his patients were treated got a job as an assessor and it was an absolute eye opener. He was openly told that he wasn't in the sympathy business and more or less there was a quota which if they didn't hit they would be queried about. The so called trainer more or less said unless they could hardly stand they had to be passed fit. He was absolutely disgusted. As my new GP said people he has seen for years and in wheelchairs were still having to go to tribunal. Good luck with it all but do get all the help you can ask Janet when she is back for a copy of the Benefit and Works guide on the Tribunals. Do let us know how you get on.x

  • Awww thank you all for your kindness it really does give me the strength to carry to you all xxxx

  • I was awarded 9 points in my medical, not enough anyway but the decision maker took them away, saying if I managed to go for the medical I could go to work !!!. Reconsideration didn't change the decision so I was kicked off ESA support. Went to Tribunal and it was like an interrogation. The Judge was firing question after question and trying to catch me out in stuff. The Dr was awful as well. He held up the letter from my Dr between his 2 fingers and said "This letter is only from a few days Ago" !!!!!!!. So my medical records/History notes were too old and the letter too new. I couldn't win. They asked who the person was that was with me, his name, where he lived, how he travelled to my home to accompany me. I think it was too much. I felt very intimidated, At the end the Judge said "Your hair is nicely coloured" !!! My hair is natural grey, she was just trying to make a point that I was able to colour me hair, ridiculous. She also said that I had managed to sit there for 50 minutes without problem, where in reality I was moving around on the seat all the time trying to get comfortable. I failed of course. Haven't been to Job Centre as cannot face it. Living on my savings and £55 PIP at the moment.

  • OMG this is evil I know i shouldn't really say this but a part of me wishes that 1 day they are sitting in the same place as us but they most probably have wonderful pensions. .

    I'm so sorry that you had such an awful time and as I don't come across very good my words get muddled and i know i will most probably sit there frozen to the spot but i will do can we get pip and not esa.???xxxxx gentle hugs my friends xxx

  • Try to get help from Welfare Rights or CAB if you appeal bren.

    Good luck and take care xxx

  • I can't believe you were put through that. So sorry. They really are heartless. It makes me sooo angry. Good luck x

  • Hi my friend

    I really am so genuinely sorry to read this and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck. Good luck with your appeal and fingers crossed for you. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi I understand I'm going through the same I haven't had a decision yet on my appeal but had to sign on so I could get money to live on

  • Hi you should never feel embarrassed that you had a meltdown. They are the ones who have put you into that position. They have to understand that this is what it is like for you every single day of your life, 24/7, especially on long and lonely nights . This is where the British stiff upper lip is getting us into trouble we should show them Fibro in all its wonderful glory. How we wince and cry in pain and anger and frustration and tiredness (the list is endless) for the situation this condition has put us in and the person we have become because of it. When people ask what to say and do in the face to face assessments I always put just be yourself and don't hold back on anything. Take care x

  • Lol I love the thought of showing fibro in all its wonderful glory, there is so many layers and i believe that sometimes we just get used to feeling the pain and try to carry on with our invisible illnesses.

    Big fluffy hugs to you all and thank you again for your kindness. Xxx

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