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Enough, now

I'm at something of a loss for words today. Trying to remain outwardly positive for the sake of those who have to put up with me face-to-face, but the place I'm in feels pretty dark right now. The pain is there, as always, with the crippling fatigue, but something old and familiar has joined them now, and has knocked me for six.

Had had my final sickness meeting with my boss yesterday, and had to basically fight her all the way to get her to even half understand this condition. Then had an all-out row with her about uniform policy (she's splitting hairs to the point of stupidity), and then had to discuss the ongoing issues with the HPC complaint. I can't think straight today, and I seem to have put my foot in it with everyone right now. Somehow, I have to find a way to work for the next 3 hours, and I'm sure I have things to do, but I just can't remember them.

I don't know how to finish this, so I'm just going to end it here. Enough is enough.

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So sorry that you are having such a bad day. It is not fair that you have to deal with jobs' worth, petty minded people as well as trying to manage work while you are not feeling great. Some people seem to enjoy being obstructive as it makes them feel powerful. Try to see it for what it is and feel sorry for them.

Really hope that your day gets better. Will be thinking about you! Jane x



Are you not part of a union? Your boss sounds evil and is causing you more stress that you dobt need.

There are quite alot of us goung through a hard time just now with these flare ups.....i hope ur ok and i will pm you soon, my fingers are sore and so its my left hand with holding the tablet lol

Take care gentle hugs xx


Thanks, both. I'm in a union, but they're like a toothless rottweiler; all growl and no bite. Sorry to moan so, though.

Gentle hugs to you both. xx


you are welcome to moan any time all unions have a chain of comand try your union again and then go above her/ him keep a good record of your complaints and any action you must take and i hope you can be kind to yourself tonight and relax however you need to .

gentle dyslexic hugs


Personally I admire anyone on here who holds down a job with fibro I had to give up work... Couldn't teach children with special needs on no sleep.... Even though work were as helpful as they could be I was eventually a liability and the children deserved better teaching.....

Admiring hugs VG xx


I am sending you a hug for surviving such an awful day.




Aw, thanks, folks. I'm really brassed off with my job right now, but it seems that it's all I'm qualified for! The trouble with middle management (which is what I do, alongside the clinical stuff) is that it doesn't really give you the qualifications or experience to do any of the similarly-paid jobs in other sectors. I suppose I can always download the 'kill your boss' android app and dream ...

Had my lunchtime nap now, so ready to fight the good fight again. xx


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