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had enough !

had enough now ,im not playing anymore !

trouble is i have to ,all i want to do is curl up in bed today ,actually got my hubby to do this mornings school run ,and felt really guilty about it !

why ? its so silly ,he didnt mind ,but i felt absolutly awful ,

i also forgot my mum was having her cateract op today so i feel really really awful now , :(

well i hope everyone else is good today :)

hugs x

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Dont beat yourself up we have all had those days - at least the children got to school. I have days when i have had to call it off - then really regretted it by 10 o'clock.

As for your mum, yeah maybe u could have said goodluck, but unless you were supposed to be taking her, she will forgive you.

Just learn to forgive yourself.


thank you ,i must admit i have had days where i have let them stay at home cause i cant physically get there ,like when i didnt have my car

normally my kids try it on nearly everyday with "i have a really bad headache mum " so very rare, but i do give into them ,if im having a bad flare .

im now going to go and buy my mum some flowers so she can see them when she gets home , :)


Yeah she will appreciate that


I've had so many days like that and just managed to do school run and then go back to bed. Struggling with fibro fog at the moment but what can we do only keen going, do what we can when we can.

Take care and try not to beet yourself up about it. Good advice ut dont always follow it myself.


Awww lynz, sending you a big hug hun.

I alwasy feel guilty too if anybody has do anything for me so dont beat your self about it hun.

You take it easy and get plenty of rest.

hugs and love, kel xxxx


thanks kel , i know, what we like eh ? sending you hugs too xxx


Hi Lynz so sorry you are having a time of it you do so well

ot a lovely family and is very hard with fibro think you do great

so dont be too hard on yourself all the very best




thank you bobby ,much appreciated :) hugs x


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