Enough, is enough! IS A BLOODY ENOUGH!!

Enough, is enough! IS A BLOODY ENOUGH!!

I'm really struggling with so much agonising pain all over at the moment - but it's when I get it from my hips to my ankles so suddenly, with a burning, searing and intense pain that causes me to let out a blood curdling scream and leaves me weeping for hours with no respite from the pain - that's when enough IS ENOUGH! In fact - It's more than a bloody enough! I just feel so despairing and useless. I've noticed my legs getting these "attacks" more and more - and I'm going out less and less now - even to get a loaf of bread is too much of a chore these days - and I cannot help but ask myself - "What's the point?" - You all know what I mean - I feel at times there is no purpose to my life anymore - even with my daughter and her husband and their beautiful 8 month old boy - my thoughts always stray to darker thoughts - which then makes me wonder if my antidepressants need to be upped - though my GP swears I'm fine on the dose I'm on - I'm not so sure. Ahhh well, I'd best not dwell tonight or my mind will not switch of again tonight.

Sorry all you lovely Fibromites - I needed to let off steam.

Time for a quick shower and hit the sack.

Goodnight, sweet, gentle hugs - may you all slumber soundly and your aches and pains be mild ones.

Love to one and all,

Carol xx

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  • Hey carol,don't say sorry thats why we are here and i know exactly how u feel and what u mean i have a loving partner of 14 yrs and we have a 13 yr old son and sometimes i do get them despairing thoughts it's the constant pain we live with like u said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH i really hope u have a nice shower and feel a bit better hope u get some sleep Goodnight hugs ;) suzi xxx

  • hi dont worry about it we are all re for you we all know what you aer going through and we all have our days now you take care love to you diddle x

  • hey dont worry lovley we all have to vent and who better to vent to than us lot ,, get some sleep ,, tomorrow is another day and youmay feel alittle better then xxx

  • i know it is horible isnt it but you just have to go with it and hope that it is better and take our meds which dont always seem to work it is horrible thing this fibro isnt it i do hope today you are so much better love to you x

  • Cadee, Know exactly how you feel as I have exactly the same pain. Sometimes I just let out a ARGGGGGGG.....sound because the pain is that bad. Tell me husband to take no notice of me I,m just letting off steam and to ignore me.Told him its my way of coping instead of lecturing him about how i FEEL ALL THE TIME. hAVE BEEN TRYING TO WORK THROUGH THE PAIN AND TRYING TO IGNORE IT FOR THE PAST FEW DAYS BUT ALL TO NO AVAIL.Sorry about this left shift key on and cant be bothered wrfiting it all again!! Went to the dotors the other morning and asked my husband that while we were out woukld he take me to Matalan for a few things (lst time out this year). It was murder getting around there and my husband said "come on lets go" as he could see I was paining so much. Anyway we came home and passed a pub we always went into for a drink when passing but couldn't even be bothered with that. Need to go the dentist but haven't got the energy and it may make me face pain worse as well. God I've gone on here, didn't mean to as I intended just to empathise with you. Doctor was useless when I asked for x-rays on my kneews and ankles.She just said "what will you do if the OA or Fibro shows up" as there are no anti inflammatories I can take because of inflamed bowel disease. So I just came out grasping the usual prescription Dihydrocodeine and Diazepam (other tablets disagree with me). Better stop now or I'll go on forever. Frustration is taking over - garden needs doing,house needs cleaning. God, wish I could go out and get drunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • To all you wonderful Fibro Family Gals - Thank you for your understanding and support - It's greatly appreciated - I guess I still am a bit slow grasping the fact we are all on this site for the same reason - especially after I've been suffering half my life or more with pain I could actually "ignore" - Until - as I mentioned previously - being hit by a car whilst cycling - and my subsequent Fibro diagnosis about 7 years or so ago - It's really good to be amongst fellow Fibromites and finally have - and give - the support we all truly need.

    Gentle hugs to you all,


    Carol x x

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