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does fibro affect your mood


I had just got on an even path . now im on the roller coster again. mood and pain bad. does this happen to any body else. my family have been great . im also in danger of losing my job due to having this condition. why does empoyer ask if i can work now ive been honset and told them i have dla

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You have my sympathy Mandy. I just don't think that it is possible to be always sunny and happy when we are tired and in pain for such a lot of the time. I try to keep to myself when I feel very bad as I know I get irritable and grumpy. I have also found the need to say 'sorry' to my OH quite a lot as he frequently gets his head bitten off! It is great that you have a supportive family to help you when things get tough.

Sorry about your job. I am in the same position myself at the moment. I want to work as I love what I do but I just don't have the energy any more.

Take care and good luck. Jane x

Can it affect your mood? Yes yes and yes, pain makes me sooooo grumpy and horrible

Love nicki xxxx

I used to be really confident but recently having more conditions added to fibro I find some days I am too sensitive and the slightest thing has me in tears... So I would say yes deffinately having fibro and never quite knowing how you will be one day to the next does affect your mood.

Take care VG xx

I agree with ladygreenfingers above... her words echo my own experience.

I had to leave a job I absolutely loved due to my health & feel cheated out of a career that I would have found rewarding in every way... I'd love to return to work, I so miss the company, the chatter and feeling of doing something useful and purposeful but have had to accept that this isn't to be so.

The fact that you receive DLA should NOT affect your employment... (well that's the official line anyway) Have you approached your CAB for some advice and support??? I have always found them to be very supportive and helpful.

CAB are trying very hard at the moment to redress the balance for those who are both in the work place and unable to work due to disability and would, I'm sure, be very open to listening to your predicament and trying to help.

Please let us know how you get on.


surely having dla shows your boss that you are recognised as being disabled and now have disability rights. He should read up on having a disabled employee.

talk to the cab and your union.

Yes fibro does affect your mood and vice-versa.

hi mandy i would say yes fibro does affect your mood ,i just want to be left on my own when im bad so as not to upset anyone by shouting at them for no reason

I get overwhelmed and very tearful when i am flaring , i can feel very fragile but thankfully back to my positive self at the mo xx


If you're in pain,you're bound to be irritable (at least thts how it affects me) and I find I'm constantly apologising to my husband becos I can't do things during a bad flare-up. Drives him nuts becos he'll do anything to make me comfy. Don't forget we're all human and living with this makes us different peeps to who we used ti be.

Mimi xx


Grumpy? I have permanent PMT that can flair up at any time ! It's worth keeping a food diary to see if there's a pattern and don't forget to include what you drink. It could be relayed to any of the toxic groups

Stepper x


Bit we also have allow ourself to grieve what we're losing. I had to give up my career. I'm not the same person as I used to be. Of course I'm going to find that emotionally difficult. We're only human x

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