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Does changes in the weather affect fibro


Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone has noticed a change in their symptoms whenever there is a change in the weather?

This week I have been so tired and lethargic for no apparant reason and my sleeping pattern has gone wild (not that I sleep well anyway). I am walking around like a zombi and it doesn't feel good. Its so frustrating cos the weather is brilliant and it would be so nice to be able to go out and enjoy it.xx

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Yes I am afraid that it does, low pressure or high pressure just the same

I had the same problem last summer, you think lovely the sun is here and

my pains are gone, no such luck I am afraid. as for going to sleep well

you would think being so tired you would be able to just go to sleep so

you lay in bed ready for sleep and your eyes are wide open, you go

down stairs and, then what well try and read thats no good as you cant

remember what you have read, look at the computer for a while, but that

makes you so tired, so I know go back to bed, lay down close your eyes

I must be alseep now, just open one eye and make sure you are not

dreaming, yes eye opens you are not asleep, now what, husband making

so much noise, its his fault just dig him in the back there thats made me

feel better, better go back down stairs for another cup of tea.

Its not fun is it this illness, but I wish you luck and hugs

it does with me when its rubbish weather iam in such pain ,im a bit zombie like this week aswell i put it down to the clocks going forward and starting a new tablet

Hi Ang01. I find the sunshine a blessing, both mentally and physically. It really gives me a lift and does help relieve some of my symptoms, although not all. The heat of the sun feels like a big hug!

Hiya we've had some lovely weather for the last few days and i have been so bad i have been bed ridden as well as being highly over sensitive to everything my pain has been excruciating. Its awful to feel like this so i totally understand how u feel and i believe that the weather does effect our symptoms xx sending gentle (((hugs))) xx amanda xx

The temperature as it is at the moment is great for me and I have actually felt well in myself. Still have some pain but not to the degree it reaches when either really cold or hot.

Well at least I know I am not alone and not imagining the problems then!!. Not long come in from meeting a friend and feel better for having that break from the house although my head is so muzzy it feels as though its in a bucket!!.

Its strange how when we are soooo tired we go to bed and dont sleep. I often fall asleep without a problem but either wake after an our or so or seem to be in a dreamlike state all night when I'm drowzy but aware of what is going on. No wonder the head feels so bad. Take care everyone and thanks for your replies xx


Hi no i must say i havent noticed my hands and feet can be cold and achy in hot sun and freezing wind and i feel the same whatever the weather my mood is sometimes better in the sun i smile more but other thabn that my painis the same rain or shine love to you diddle x

When it is cold and/or damp my pain becomes unbearable and I get lots of flare-ups.

Reassuring to know that I'm not the only one. I have been a lot more exhausted since the weather changed at the weekend. Need to try and stay awake though, lots of studying for university to do :/

I know people on here are understanding. I've had three really bad weeks with brain fogs and pain. I only wish that the people I work for and my line manager would listen to me. All I get is performance letters and shoutings at.

I am like a zombie too. feel like a zombie most of the time. x

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