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Hi everyone and sorry for not writing to much lately been kinda feeling nothing if you know what I mean trying to get through the day struggling even with housework finding its tiring me. I've moved doctors and im sure this doesn't help should have stayed where I was. Well my stiffness and aching and stabbing throughout my day is worse even almost constant. My lower lumber condition is much worse now constantly sore and aggravated. I can feel the arch on top collapsing slowly make walking more painful more often, well to say the least my fibro is through the roof, for me and fog im permanently trapped in my attention span could be beet by a flea and to top this the exhaustion is never ending . Should I go to see the doc about meds for fibro or even pain killers or just do less if that's poss. I guess im asking for any advice from the peeps that know. Over the time on this sight I've noticed such a wide range of experiences and listening to the different coping methods so any advice would be great. xx

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  • Sorry you are feeling so bad, and hope you feel better soon. Good idea to ask for advice but I think you do need to listen to yourself first. I usually do best when I take my own advice. Pace, pace and more pacing.

  • Betty ty for taking the time to answer I think its what ive been scared of its pacing more its a good reminder ty xx

  • Nothing moods are the worst :) I am so sorry you are feeling so bad at the minute. I honestly do think the weather seems to be taking it toll on a lot of us. As Betty said listen to yourself first, but a visit to your GP may not go amiss if your back is a lot worse. I hope you are feeling better soon :)

  • you know what I think you hit the nail on the head the weather has been I cant do much anyhow in one go but being so cold I've wanted to sit in some more which make me feel guilty im not doing enough but to be honest im not like the average person im with fibro great advice ty. xx

  • That's what we are here for and if it is helpful that's a bonus :)

    I have found that feeling guilty only makes things worse, as the saying goes about flogging a dying horse, you wouldn't do that so why beat yourself up. You do what you can when you can and that's as much as anyone can ask ;)

    Take care of yourself, unless you are very lucky no-one else will hehe

  • Your so right I've said it my self so many times. I think ill rethink my pacing or at least try to remember lol . xx

  • Sometimes it is easier to give advice than to take it. Just remember what you would say to someone else if they asked you the same question :)

  • Hi! Has your doctor offered any physical therapy or conditioning for you?

    I was mentioning in a post above, I have good luck with muscle energy and less pain if I use a supplement named "D-Ribose." This replenishes ATP to muscles, including the heart. ATP is often referred to as the "universal energy molecule" in the body. Please check with your doctor, always.


  • Hi the spine surgeon has sent me to physio for a full physio so will learn more then ty for your positive advice but I've already been to the physio and the hydro pool is about the limit due to the aggravating trigger with my motor nerves its like a vicious cycle so I just get on with things best I can. But ty though I will ask. xx

  • oh! Aggravation to motor nerves definitely complicates matter for you. I am sorry it is so complex.

    I have some sensory and motor nerve issues and.. no fun.

    Sorry I was not more helpful.


  • Hey you sounded so positive its a good thing but the reality of what out ways if you know what I mean so I think im goanna take some advice and pace some and just listen to myself im usually right . Please don't think you not a help you are. At the moment im goanna be going through the same steps as I did a year a go with a new physio who will look at the fat person instead of my condition,well battle as usual and due to the fact its an authority it becomes stressful cause they are supposed to know but with fibro its us as I've just been reminded. Sorry to ramble on think im going to rest now. And ty again xx

  • Hi Royalspec01

    I am so sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling so much at this time, and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. I would go and discuss the situation with your GP to see about tweaking your medications? It could be that a tweak here and there could help alleviate the problems? I want to wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi there hope things are ok for you too at least as best as can be. I would like to say ty ive received some good ideas and this one is icing on the cake I think im going to make an appointment . Just kinda scared in case it doesn't work , well my fears and for me to deal with , ty again Liz x

  • I can't add any wisdom to what's already said but like that last one from Ken, too.

    Take your anxiety round the throat and see what happens at the doc. It may still take some time to get the mix right.

    And try to ignore the unhelpful people/comments. You really can only do what you can do. There's no formula. It depends on your particular mix of pain and other conditions and how you feel at any one time. So please don't beat yourself up about it.

    Hugs XX

  • Ty Fen for your kind considerations things I know but always forget ty x

  • Hi, just read your post, so sorry to hear you are going through so much pain and discomfort.

    You must get so frustrated as I know I would if I had your pain .

    I think this forum is very good to connect those going through medical problems and having others understand their pains.

    I really hope you get the other side of this really soon and thank you so much for your quick response to my sisters symptoms. Xx

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