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Sorry for any confusion Seaside Sue I blame any of the following conditions

Pooley66Pooley66 a few seconds ago 0 Replies

I only post these hoping at least one of you members can get well again.

Tom O'Bryan -Betrayal the autoimmune disease solution they are not telling you about 16/10/17 You Tube FREE (Today)

DR Christiansen complimentary Thyroid Masterclass FREE 16/10/17 (Today) just Google

Healing Hashimotos Summit will be held 06/11/17 FREE & ONLINE just Google

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I posted the information of one of these free online information series (that will shed some light on autoimmune, & Hashimotos conditions) unfortunately with an incorrect date.

I am on a Functional Medicine website and when any of the experts are running these events I get an email so as I am a member of HU I just pass on the info. X

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I've done as much as I can from leaky gut etc


Who's seaside sue I want to know LOL πŸ€”πŸ˜ƒ


Isn't that a song?

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What do you think about the flu jab?


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