Shaking and Twitching


Hope someone can tell me this is part of Fibro, my hands and arms shake quite violently for hours at a time, it makes eating and drinking very difficult and messy. I find it extremely embarrassing if out for a meal or in company when it starts. Also I get very twitchy legs especially if I am at rest but not always, they can twitch for ages which is painful. Does anyone else experience this or should I see my GP?

I haven't had any dealings with my GP since being diagnosed last October, was given paracetamol, Dihydracodine and Amatriptyline - waste of time as they do nothing for me also on Fluoxetine for depression.

Thanks for any advice, sleep well my friends xx

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  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling with this issue and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution to the problem. What you have described could be a symptom to your Fibro but it could also be a completely different medical condition?

    I have pasted you two NHS Choices links below to RLS and Dystonia, which I hope that you find useful:

    I would always recommend anyone who has new or persistent symptoms to consult their GP or Medical Specialist just to have other medical conditions ruled out of the equation. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • It is one of those symptoms we all share but you should consult your GP anyway.

    Wish you well! Tulip xx

  • Thanks, it's interfering in my life and making me miserable x

  • I'm sure it is. When It's at it's worse, I'm dropping everything, I have little control over my hands. I'm jolted awake during the night by what seems like a horse kick in the small of my back. The spasms in my legs and feet. I think you need to see a Dr. I had a nerve conduction which showed a number of areas weren't responding as they should.

    Hopefully, they may be able to help you. Please bear in mind, we're not all the same. We have many symptoms in common which means we can offer advice and empathise. Take care Tulip :) xx

  • I get that horse kick in my lower back that makes me feel I've jumped up at night. So glad you mentioned it Tulip as I haven't heard anyone else talking about it before.. It's a relief to know I'm not going mad this illness throws so many bizarre symptoms at us!

    Best wishes

    Patrick xxx

  • Bizarre is absolutely the most appropriate word! I think this is why some Dr.s have blinkered vision. So many different symptoms, not necessarily the same from one patient to another, they are too quick to pronounce FM as a psychiatric issue! Especially when depression makes an ugly appearance too.

    I'm glad this has been helpful. Tulip :) xx

  • I can understand they are puzzled sometimes but do they really think it's a mass organised con with all these bizarre parts. Sometimes when my arm or knee is hurting and the heat coming off it is incredible- that's not in my mind!

  • Hands shaking violently ? Can't agree it is Fibro 😞

  • Not FM, carpal tunnel (surgery failed) but I know other members have this condition. Nerve Conduction study revealed problems further up, never did get to the root of that because Carpal Tunnel surgery left me traumatised (not under general, only local anaesthetic due to lung condition) and I have declined visits to outpatients ever since. I was treated appallingly. Shaking and twitching, even jerking awake from deep sleep, comes and goes.

    That is my experience. I would always recommend everyone talk to their own Dr.

  • Don't think it is Fibro related but DEFINATELY could be side effect of med you are on . Please see your doc for further evaluation 😘

  • I have a similar but milder version for which I'm getting physio at the moment. They have operated on my wrist for cap oral tunnel and for trapped ulna nerve at my elbow too. Neither made a difference apart from relieving pain. I still get wobbles and twitches and drop things I think I have a good grip on! My legs are similar and have been diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome for which I am prescribed two 5mg tablets per day which help enormously. I also take a magneseum supplement every morning which I find makes a difference too.

    Best wishes Patrick

  • My friend is suffering from these symptoms and thought she might have fibro now she thinks it's Myathenia gravis (hope spellings right) try to read up about it to see if it fits you too.

    My friend doesn't see her Neurologist until 7/12/15 so has no diagnosis & probably won't have one for a while.


  • I have looked at this and don't think it is me as the shaking and twitching happen at any time day or night.

    I do hope your friend doesn't have this either and we both get an explanation for it.

    Thanks for your reply xx

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