Up date on my 2nd sist

Well saw the doc this evening she said one minute it was an abses next minute it was a sist at least the top came of so it can empy she said it was already empty but I couldn't tell cos its on the underside of my left boob but she did say if I got any more she would start running blood tests don't know What she hopes to find.

Well on to other news went to pain management meeting today given exercises stretching ones, told to decide what my goals were what I want to achieve from the course you know the sort of thing with any luck I will be able to reduce my meds walk up my garden path and get down on the floor and play with my grandson fingers crossed holographicly speaking well gentle hugs all round. Sithy

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  • Wheter it is an abscess or a cyst it is still blooming painful. I'm pleased she is going to do some investigations if you get a 3rd - perhaps there is some underlieing cause that can be treated and you'll be free of them.

    Take care

    Julie xx

  • I think that might be wts goin through her mind least I might get some proper answers on something for achange. Gentle hugs. Sithy

  • Hi Good luck with the course, happy for you that 2nd cyst? has now cleared. Hugs xx

  • Ouch sounds painful and a nasty place to have a cyst too! Should be more comfy now it's drained too. If you notice anything else forming, please go back to your GP, it's always best to check these things out.

    I have everything crossed for you that you will achieve those lovely sounding walks and play times with your Grandson too! PMA! (Positive Mental Attitude) Wishing you all the very best Sthandra! Bless you! (((hugs)))

  • I am so pleased the second one was not as horrid as the first! Do take care keep an eye on them you do not want another! PMA is very important good luck with it x gins

  • Another thing I was told when I was in the worst cyst years of my life , and have since read, is that caffeine can aggravate a tendency to cysts. One doctor I saw said that she had been through it herself and had given up caffeine. Giving it up did not entirely work for me but I keep it to a minimum. Good luck. and enjoy that lovely grandson x.

  • Hi thanks f tip but I already avoid caffeine as it gives me migraines bad ones but thanks for the tip any way

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