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Up date on pip

Hiya guys thanks for all your thoughts and idea,s

Not slept last night going round and round, so I have just rung ATOS and asked for a complaints form.

I spoke to someone there and we spoke about a few thing that happened and what was said and a few question that I was never asked at all. I think he was shocked, I told him I had done it today so they know it's not just sour grapes about any in pending results.

He fully agreed with me , and said should not have happen like that.

so I am now waiting of yet another form to which I am going to seek help with.

CAB and My MP

No matter what my out come is no one should be treated and spoke to like that and if I only stop one more person from going though the same with the same assessor my job will be done.

Dentist later.

I real ho this stress goes better top of my back is in knots.

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Thank you for update, as your last post was concerned for your MH.

Good luck with dentist today



No I am exusted but after I am not going to be treated like this no matter what the out come, they could give me all the lot take all the lot makes no difference to how I/ we both were treated.

To tell you take some one with you then tell them to move the chair and get out of the way. Hum no happy

To ask you to do a diary and then when you give it them to say gone are the days we read essays.

To ask you about your toilet needs, but before you say anything at all to be told we are not interested how you get there just if you are stood at front of a toilet can you sit on one and get off. Well I went in there sat on a chair and then got off it so obvious I said yes but.

Sorry we are not interested if you make it to the toilet and have IBS that makes you sometimes mess your self so bad you have to have a shower.

I actually asked her this in these words and she said no only that u can sit and get off one. Hum not happy.

Was never once asked if I need help at all to get in or out of bed.

Sorry there a lot more but not good enough at all. Out of the question on the pip form were not asked.

Thank you for your concern yes I do stuggle with MH and my doctor is great he came out to see me not all that long ago when I need him.


Well done you.

Strike while the 'iron is hot' so to speak.

I agree with you ATOS healthcare people seem to be about ticking boxes on forms not seeing the person in front of them. I know that's how I have felt in the past (it's only been thro this support page that I realise I could or more to the point, I should have appealed).

Newquay, I think you are inspirational, why should anyone be treated this way!

Well done 👍

Pea 🌻


Well done you xx


Thank you so much for the update, and at least you have a witness with your husband being present. I have pasted you a link to the Benefits & Work website, as they have a cache on ATOS complaints procedure which may come in handy for you?

Benefits & Work - ATOS Complaints Procedure

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Thank you so much Ken Much appreciated.

Well good news is I did sleep last night for a chance new couldn't go much longer.

It's so stupid this fibromayia I still feel like I have been run over by a bus.

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I have felt like that all day. I hate these buses! I genuinely hope that you feel better soon x


It is good to see that you have started the ball rolling, Newquay.

Just remember to pace yourself when dealing with the DWP.

If everyone who has been badly treated complains, sooner or later the issues that we raise will have to be taken seriously.

You will get there in the end and it will be worth it.

Best wishes,


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Thank you Dave

I will be going at my own pace just making sure I get things in before dead lines etc.

I always send by recorded delivery as well .

Going to CAB and MP Monday hopefully.

Take care



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