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Up date on no teeth pain post


Hi all sorry its lat but this is my first chance to log on , its been a really long day, iv been up since 5am but awake since 10 to 4 am lol started work at 630 am ffinished at 230 pm and havent stopped since so im a little tired as im sure you can well imagine , so I rang the dentist on my lunch break and lucky for me its a Tuesday my dentists wife is one of the dential nurses who also answer the phones , so I explained to her what I was experiencing and she spoke yo him , he asked to speak to me and on talking to him we came to the conclusion thst it is referred pain probably caused by the fact that I suffer from TMD , so at least I now know and he said it is quite commen and nothing to worry about , so that is good and I know im noe imagining it lol , well I hope you are all feel ax good as is possible and I wish you all a sleep filled , pain free night xx

Hugs sarah xxx

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Hi my friend,

I can imagine that this is a relief to you, and I want to sincerely wish you a speedy recovery. Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x :)

well im glad you got some answers. and hope you recover quickly

im also glad i dont have toothache ever. aint got any hahahahahaha

gummy grin

hugs x

Sarah, Glad you got that taken care of my friend!! Have a good night. Peck.🐤

Hey Hun glad you got it sorted Hun sorry for late reply xxx

Know the feeling because of fibro had phantom pain in the site where I had my wisdom tooth took out in dental hospital up to a year later. Xrays showed no problems but lovely specialist who took my second wisdom tooth out and did Xray for me just in case said it was quite common with people with fibro. Just another one of our joys to endure. Hope it goes soon.x

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