HI all ,well I can not believe it after 13 months wait and 2 appeals for DLS I got higher rate mobility and middle care rate, and got my ESA reinstated ,what a shock.they said they had looked again at my medical records and changed there minds,its been very stressful but in the end the it was worth it,i will get them both for 2years before any more medicals.lots of hugs to all Anne xx

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  • Congratulations, Anne! At least all the fighting produced the right result!

    Sara xx

  • many huge ccongrats am very very happy for you i like good news and success stories.x

  • Congratulations! :-) It's lovely to hear of success stories in among all the angst & gives hope to us still going through the process. xx

  • it shows that its worth it .... well done

    gentle dyslexic hugs

  • Congrats! Gentle hugs,


    Carol xx

  • congrats Anne, that's wonderful, I'm so pleased!

    regards, sandra.

  • lovely news x

  • Hi anne wonderful news, now you can get on with battling your health condition and living your life without worrying about Dla appeals and trying to make bureaucratic idiots understand the impact of living with a dehibilitating health condition. Well done for persevering and standing your ground every victory helps our case as a whole and shows the bigwigs in the benefits sector we will not lie down and accept unfair decisions :-)


  • Thank you so much for your replies,gentle hugs to you all Annex

  • hi anne,congrats x...i had a tribunal and it was ajourned,they didnt tell me what they had found or not found...i put in a writtencomplaint to DWP about atos medical report,i havent ha a reply waffling sorry! i just wondered WHO re-looked at your claim,and made another decission? thanks jenny x

  • hi there i had my DLA tribunal and it was ajourned so a Atos medical doctor came out to see me, then in the mean time i had a ESA tribunal and it was awarded, then a few weeks later the DLA said they had looked again at my medical report and said they had changed their minds ,hope this is some help to you,sorry it took so long to answer but been in a lot of pain and tired,lots of hugs and best of luck.

  • hi anne..thanks for your hopeing that DWP/DLA will look at my complaint and docs report as it was all fabrication,and change their minds,as if i have to go to another tribunal i wont have anymore information than i had last time! fingers crossed that i get the same outcome.take care pet.speak soon xxx

  • Hi Anne

    Well done on getting your benefits back in order, it must be a huge relief to you.

    I myself have been waiting on an ESA Appeal date since Feb & I am dreadjng it sk much but I am not going to worry about it until the time comes.

    Luv & hugs


  • Hey that is great news but what a pity that you had to fight so hard and so long for your right. Bless you and anyone that has helped you get this result. Well don. X

  • Congratulations, what a relief for you. I've just started back on the merry go round as i lost my ESA appeal this week, going to apply for DLA as well as got turned down last time having just won my 1st tribunal 18 months ago and didn't have the energy to fight for it at the time. This time round I am going for both with both guns blazing. If only the people in charge knew how all this carry on affects us and our health! Now you have time to relax and recover, enjoy xx

  • Thank you everyone for your kind feed back ,it is hard going but it was worth it for me, hope it all goes the same for you all lots of hug and kind wishes.xx

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