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Feeling naffed off

Hi all

Hope you are all as well as possible and keeping warm. I'm feeling the need to have a bit of a moan to people who understand about living with fibro.

At work I fulfill all my duties and just get on with things, making my own adjustments when needed to cope with pain and stiffness. A new duty was introduced and I had a trial run at it in November, it was too much for me and caused a big flare up and I was off sick for a month. Weight bearing and repetitive movements for two hours! You can imagine how that was . I was told I had to try it again this week and the same happened again. i can't make any adjustments as it is in a sterile working area with strict procedures. Today I told my manager that I just can't manage it and won't be able to try again. I was told that HR would now have to be involved and that the other staff members do it and it is a vital part of the job. it's a once a week job that takes two hours! Im covered by the equalities act and would have thought it was a reasonable adjustment to not do this one part of the job. You will all know how it feels to have to battle against things , just don't know if I have the strength for another redeployment battle. Therefore naffed off. Sorry for the long moan. X

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Hello Furry

Can well understand why you needed a moan. Hope you find a solution soon.



Once you have done your best that is all that can be done - management get paid for solving such problems.


Get your union involved. what others can do is neither here nor there, they don't suffer from your disabilities. Its a legal requirement to cater for disabled workers you're not there just to meet their quota. They have an obligation to keep you safe and well and so you don't jeopardise your future health and wellbeing. If other workers have as problem with that then as others have said that's what managers get fat cat wages for; to sort it out.

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Your post makes me think of this one just posted today:

I asked if the UK had any kind of anti-discrimination act as we in the US have the American zDisabilities Act. Thanks, now I know.

If you are doing your work responsibly and efficiently the rest of the time, then I don't think your employer can do anything about it. Here an employer must make accomodations for the disabled and discrimination is a real no no. It doesn't mean they might not try to find some other reason to let you go, but I think it might be a good idea to keep a journal that includes how you work, how others perceive your work and your interactions with them, kudos from supervisors, and anything else that will support the fact that you do your job well and no one has problems with you. That way the employer will have a hard time saying that you did something wrong and deserved to be let go. Well, that's my opinion!

PS: I just read witchygirls reply (soemtimes I forget to read what is below the reply window) and it's pretty much the same idea.

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Thanks so much for all your replys, you are right, management will have to sort it and I will ring the union this am and read up on the relevant policies. Have a good day all. X x


Hi furry. I am in a similar position my boss knows I am ill but the other week i got a big lecture about being lazy. I try my best but sometimes physically I am just not up to it. The other day I was lifting heavy boxes of books around and am now suffering. I have found a new job now the only thing is I will have to work 40hrs a week instead of 28. Not sure if I am up to it though but if I am ever going to move out of my parents house I will have to work full time to afford my rent. Anyway going back to you problem I am sure they are not allowed to sack you I would get some advice.



As suggested earlier, put it in the hands of your union if possible.

There are responsibilities employers have to reasonably keep you in employ with a disability. That said, you could be tied up in knots with employment laws and alike.

Get professional help from union or somewhere, get them to notify formerly, your employers responsibility. Don't try and deal with it yourself, that makes it so much easier to play the confusing legislation.

I sincerely hope you have a caring, fair employer, that supports you.

Good luck x


Hi, sorry your work are adding stress to your problems. You have had a lot of good advice already.

The only thing I would add, is you are able to do the job you applied for & are currently doing. The fact that this is an additional task outside of your physical abilities, In addition to your existing role, should have some bearing & this should be stressed to HR and your Union when discussing it.

hopefully they will be able to offer a suitable solution For you (in fact they are obliged to find a solution) & agree that they need to make allowances, otherwise it is disability descrimination, especially when you are fulfilling the rest of your job.

Good luck & stay strong x


I would have thought that you would be covered by the discrimination act. In addition, to what has been said before you could also contact CAB. I don't know if it is across country but in the midlands we have a section of CAB called CADEL which is just for disabilities and you can speak to someone on the phone. I found them very useful with my daughter.


Thanks for all the good advice, it's made me feel a bit better about tackling it. X


Hi Furry

I am so sorry to read that your job is giving you so much of a problem and I would have thought that a reasonable adjustment have been an acceptable thing to expect from your employer? It may help to request an ''Occupational Therapy Assessment'' from them?

I want to wish you all the best of luck and I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you are looking for.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I had similar problems where I used to work and I was referred to Occupational Therapy who looked at my case and it went in my favour. Maybe you could ask your employer to refer you. Hope this helps.

gentle hugs



Hi furry

First off don't be sorry ..never a moan that's not important.I moan all the time.

This too happened to me four years ago.I was at my place of employment when manager up and left.

With no other management team just myself left as supervisor I was asked by owners to take over until they found a replacement .reluctant but not wanting to loose my job accepted.

Three weeks went by and no new manager. When I told the co.I couldn't be in charge of the entire dept with heavy lifting and repetitive movement in shipping and receiving.. Physically to much on the body.eventually I was let go within three months.they found a replacement really quick once it went to wcb. Canada.. Workers compensation board.. I actually got a buy out and took a light duty job elsewhere today..wishing you all the best.

Good luck..hope your feeling the best you possibly can with your flare up..



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