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Yay finally some good news!

I was so moved when so many people responded when I was struggling with my cosotocondritus and fibromyalgia, especially at work with my job being ridiculously physical and my manager ignoring the company doctors advice to support me! Like to point out there still ignoring the company doctor!

Anyways today not only have I had a letter finally referring and getting me an appointment to a awesome hospital which has helped people that I know with fibro and costo but is really hard to get any doctor to refer you! And I also had a awesome interview for a private school yesterday to have an apprenticeship to become a teaching assistant!

I was terrified to tell them about my illnesses at first as I've had so many people not interview me because of it, they can lie all they want and say it wasn't but after putting in for several jobs in both my maiden name and married name. One stating my illnesses the other not, it's funny the ones with out the illnesses got me a interview!!!!

Ok going off point anyway when I told them in the interview they were happy I told them and said that during my day long interview they had no idea I was suffering, like I told them, I work until I fall, it's who I am and I refuse to let it hold me back.

Then today I got a phone call and guess what I got the job!!!!!!!!!!! From the 1st September I'll be a training teaching assistant!!! Not only that I will get all school holidays off which I can now spend with my little boy, especially christmas, seen as I had to work every day over christmas last year and had the fight of my life to just get Christmas Day off work.

One of the things I found that help is refusing to be ill lol, I know that's easier said than done, but I woke up three weeks ago and decided sod it I don't want my costo and fibro anymore so I don't have it! And changing my perspective has helped a bit. Strange as it might sound. I'm no longer focusing on my bad days but my good days instead.

Anyway sorry for the ramble but I wanted to spread some smiles as right now I'm the happiest I've been in a long time. Even though I hurt like hell! Just fingers crossed Everything will be ok and I'll leave my physical job to a job where I get help support children! As soon as I get my yearly bonus on the 1st of August I'll be able to tell them to stuff there job lol.



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Well done Chrissy!

I was just going off to bed when I read your post, & it cheered me up no end.

Us Fibromites are all so different, and pain is a very subjective thing, and how we can handle it also. By thinking positive, your pain doesn't go away, but it makes you cope with it better.

I'm very happy that you were given this opportunity to change your job to something that you want to do, and that your little boy will have more time to spend with you. I hope that the Dr at the hospital will be able to give you the treatment that you need.

All the very best for the future.

Love Dina xx


Thank you so much Dina, I just wanted to spread a little cheer, as I'm feeling so happy right now, even though I hurt this evening, think it was all the bouncing around like a loon I did earlier when I got the phone call lol



WOW! Chrissy, I am absolutely delighted for you! I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck and I really hope that it all goes wonderfully well for you.

Please keep us all up to date with how you are getting on?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


This is wonderful news. I am sure the optimism you experienced has helped your whole attitude towards being "ill." I truly agree that your state of mind can help with acceptance and the can do feeling you now have. Bravo for you. We all know it won't change the fact that some days will be better than others, but it will be easier to take, knowing that the holidays are yours and your family's and the work is less physical and more fulfilling. Congratulations and the best of luck to you in a new career of your choice. Take this job and shove it. Love that song, lol.


Thank you, woken up smiling this morning and that is defiantly a new thing lol my work can throw anything at me today as I only have two months to put up with before I go


Of course optimism helps, in fact its essential, but I do have to warn you that if you keep on pushing your strength to the limits there WILL be a backlash. I'm so sorry if this sounds overly negative, but it happened to me. I'd finally landed my dream job, I was working flat out, completely in denial about any problems, but .... I kept getting sick, and sicker. Eventually I caught a cold and ended up with pneumonia, and my body just couldn't take it any more. I ended up MUCH MUCH worse than when I'd started the job, and I never got back to the way I had been before. Now I'm increasingly disabled with every year that passes.

What I'm trying to say is, yes, think positive - and I absolutely do, it works for me being half full not half empty. BUT do so with an honest and realistic understanding of what you can really do and how you MUST pace yourself. I wouldn't want anyone else to end up the way I have ..... all through pretending there was nothing wrong with me really.


I'm going from a total physical job moving beds sofas, cleaning etc daily to teaching. Complete change!!! It'll be so much better for me xxx


Fantastic news Chrissy, I hope your new job is all you want it to be :)


Thank you everyone!!!


When your working on your last day at that horrid job just go as slow as you can, keep sitting down, and just generally do what you want be cause they cant sack you because your going to tell them to shove it where the sun dont shine , and enjoy every moment of it , they have made you suffer , now its your turn for a little bit of revenge.

Good Luck with your bestest job ever, but please pretty please PACE yourself so that you CAN keep working at your New Job.

Wishing you the best of everything,

Lots of Feather hugs to you

Pat xx


I love your idea!!! I've already booked loads of holiday lol. But I'm glad I can actually not worry about how much holiday I have left so have booked more than the one day originally planned for when I have my under rib steroid injections. Now got a week to recover lol xxx


Hi Chrissy fabulous to here your news. Wel done on getting the job, sounds much more suited to your needs, enjoy telling the old lot to shove it, all the best,



Thats such wonderful news. Thank you and well done on new job


hiya chrissy i also suffer fibro o/a and have terrible costachondritis these last 2 days my breathing has been terrible cud hardly move without pain i do find a hot water bottle helps a little and as i also have asthma i use my spray it helps a bit im in the wrag group but my work advisor advised me to appeal to get on support group im now awaiting a medical im dreading it dont know what to expect as my main problems have been my arms that i suffer with im glad u have now got a job were people will help u rather than moan wen ur ill xxx


I've suffered with costo for11yrs 2yrs straight now with no break in between! Docs say I have the most severe form. Fribro has been a recent discovery this jan year. I find steroid injections in my ribs and under that has helped a bit. But unfortunately I have a mile reaction each time which means I spend 3 days after in agony, bruised, fever, dizziness. But this time booked loads of holiday off this time when I go in July!! Heat packs help but ask the doc for ibpro gel (much stronger than over counter stuff) to save your stomach from tablets and you can use it exactly where it hurts. Also evening primrose oil capsules twice a day. Sleep in a capsule of pillows at night helps I find. Especially if the pillows are slightly under you each side. Us coto's gave to stick together lol. It wasn't until last August I met my first person with it too! Xxx


hi chrissy

pleased you have good news & have got a new job which is going to be more enjoyablr then your present one ,best wishes.lilian


Congratulations Chrissy,

How marvelous for you I am so delighted and you are right a little bit of good news or a big bit in your case radiates out through the forum helping everyone smile and feel better. So thank you for letting us all share your news. :D



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